Conquering Challenging Applications w/ Koyo’s Precision Custom Components

Whether it’s figuring out the right part number or working on a large manufacturing project, IBT is always there to help. Now, in partnership with Koyo, IBT brings to you the power of precision custom components. Whatever your industrial application needs are, we have the solution! Organizations throughout the Midwest have turned to IBT to […]

Solving Bearing Failure—When Unique Specifications Call for Creative Solutions

[CASE STUDY] – When a U.S. industrial motion control manufacturer wasn’t getting the maximum life they desired out of their bearings, they began their search for an integral component to add to their existing lineup of products that would eliminate premature bearing failure. The primary challenge? Finding a bearing that would meet both the needs […]

Bearing Seals or Shields?—These 3 Qs Will Help You Make The Right Choice

Determine The Right Bearings For YOUR Application & Environment The basic function and design of a ball bearing have not changed drastically since it was invented in the 1700s. However, features, such as bearing seals and shields, have since been adapted to both protect ball bearings from contamination and retain their proper lubrication levels. …But […]

Koyo Training Vehicle Delivers Bearing Training — Right to Your Front Door

Looking for inexpensive bearing training that can be done at your location?  The Koyo Training Vehicle brings it right to your doorstep, free of charge—and it can even be customized to your operation or industry. What is the Koyo Training Vehicle (KTV)? The Koyo Training Vehicle (KTV) is a state-of-the-art, 40 ft. training vehicle specially […]

5 Reasons to Buy Koyo Heavy Stud Track Rollers

Could heavy stud track rollers improve your plant efficiency—and save you money in the long run?  Here are 5 reasons your plant might need Koyo’s heavy stud track rollers: #1—You move lots of product from one area of the plant to another. Heavy stud track rollers are used with material handling equipment throughout the plant […]

4 Benefits of Using Koyo Bearings with Higher Load Ratings

Koyo recently increased their bearings dynamic load ratings by 25% due to continuous improvements in manufacturing processes and the cleanliness of steel over the past 20 years. Here’s how that benefits you. More: Why Aligning Motors Saves you Money Benefit #1 – Longer Bearing Life Load ratings are a major factor when determining the life of […]

Don’t Miss the Koyo Training Vehicle-Coming to Tech X 500!

Register for Tech X today! If your maintenance/repair staff handles lots of bearings, then Koyo’s got the training tool for you: a mobile training classroom called the KTV (Koyo Training Vehicle). This super-cool, fully outfitted RV carries a hands-on learning lab on board—and can park within 100 yards of your front door. “We take it […]

The New Koyo Training Vehicle Features Mobile Training

In the bearing business, knowledge is important for customers, installers, maintenance pros and plant technicians. There is a lot to know and the information is critical to proper installation, removal, lubrication, specifying and failure prevention and analysis. You have to know what you are doing to get bearings right. So, Koyo has put wheels under […]