7 Different Types of Seals for Industrial Applications


From holding pressure to preventing leakages to keeping out contaminates, industrial seals play a crucial role in the performance of your equipment. A seal’s service life and reliability can make all the difference in reducing friction, extending maintenance, and increasing sustainability. That’s why it’s important to understand the different types of seals and the industrial […]

SKF Machine Condition Indicator Monitors Machine Health

Worried about unplanned downtime—due to a machine failure?  SKF’s tiny new 4 oz. sensor, called a machine condition indicator, can be mounted directly to your equipment by stud mount or epoxy, and can tell you if there’s an impending failure with a simple flashing light. “This device tells you really quickly the health of your […]

Do You Really Save Money When You Buy at the Cheapest Price?

Lowest price is not the same as lowest cost, said Todd Snelgrove, the Global Manager of Value at SKF. In fact, a 2013 survey by Manufacturers for Productivity and Innovation shows that industrial companies that buy on total cost of ownership (TCO) are 35% more profitable than companies that do not. More: Get SKF’s white paper, […]

Improved Sealing System Solution for Industrial Machinery

To seal efficiently, radial shaft seals must run against a smooth, round surface – the seal counterface. If the counterface becomes worn, the seal will no longer be able to fulfill its function, which is to retain lubricant and to exclude contaminants. Typically, the counterface becomes scored when a contaminant particle is caught under the […]

New SKF Bearings Save Energy

SKF engineers have made significant improvements to two common bearing designs, resulting in a new bearing family with broad industrial applications. They can offer energy savings of one third compared with standard bearings. With growing concern for the environment and a desire to adopt greener technologies, these new products represent a significant step towards reducing […]

Where Are Your Bearings Coming From?

When you pay for SKF quality, you should get SKF quality. If you get your SKF bearings or other products through unauthorized distributors, you risk getting far less. Illegal bearing manufacturers deploy devious techniques to fool end-users and OEMs. Some of these include: New low-quality bearings are re-labeled with false brand markings and put into […]