Top 5 Must-Have Hand and Power Tools for Your Business

Top 5 Must-Have Hand and Power Tools for Your Business

man in overalls holding must-have power tools, including a cordless drill

No matter what industry you’re in, having a few hand or power tools on hand is always beneficial when something inevitably breaks or needs maintenance. Sometimes, calling a professional to fix the issue can be inconvenient, which is why you need to be ready to handle the issue sooner rather than later in case something needs to be repaired.

Battery or electric-powered tools are easy to use and can make the job a lot easier and faster. That’s why it’s best to have these tools around and ready to go when maintenance is needed. Below, we’ll walk through a few essential tools that you should always keep available at your workplace.

1. Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is a versatile tool that can be used to make holes and turn fasteners using interchangeable bits of different sizes and styles. A standard cordless drill is powered by a battery, making it a convenient and useful addition to your business’s toolbox. This tool will come in handy for various jobs around your workplace, such as installing a new counter or building shelves.

Depending on the projects you will be working on, having both a large and a small drill may be beneficial. When dealing with big construction projects, you will find it easier to be flexible with different-sized bits, while smaller drill bits are better suited for tedious jobs.

No matter what unforeseeable projects lie ahead, you will be glad to have a cordless drill on hand at your business. DeWalt is a trusted company known for its high-quality and diverse cordless drills and one of the brands we trust to get the job done right.

2. Circular Saw

The circular saw is a handheld power tool that uses a rotating blade to cut through various materials. This tool is helpful when working on projects that require cutting large pieces of wood or metal, especially at specific lengths. You can choose either a cordless or a corded circular saw, both of which provide different benefits.

Cordless saws are more portable and can be used for general purposes or cutting metal, whereas corded circular saws are preferable when working with wood. While they are less freeing than cordless saws, the electricity from being plugged in gives them more power and a more reliable lifespan. 

Regardless of your choice, you can select a saw that has the blade oriented either on the right or left side, making it easier for you to use with your dominant hand.

3. Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are tools that have rotating blade heads set at a right angle to the body. This design offers you a wide range of applications for use, such as grinding metal, cutting pipes, removing rust or paint, sanding, polishing stone, concrete, and metal, and more. 

Like most power tools, there are factors you should take into consideration before purchasing. Similar to the circular saw above, both corded and cordless angle grinders are available, offering you the same portability and energy benefits. Additionally, there are standard and flat heads, with flat heads functioning better in tighter spaces. This tool’s diverse abilities and simple operation methods make it a must-have power tool for your business.

4. Oscillating Cutter

If you have tedious repairs that need to be taken care of, an oscillating cutter is a great tool to have on hand. This multipurpose cutter has a small blade that can fit into hard-to-reach spaces without requiring a lot of demolition, thanks to its flat bar that vibrates at a high speed.

Different blades make it possible to trim protruding pipes, remove old grout, or open up clean rectangles in drywall, while some come with grinding or sanding heads. Cordless oscillating tools move their blade or attachment from side to side in a small arc at high speed, accepting various blades for specific tasks and materials, and can perform detailed grinding and sanding.

In addition to blades, this tool can have various attachments, such as hooks and pads, for different jobs like polishing, scraping, or sanding. When shopping for an oscillating cutter, it is essential to choose one that fits your specific needs.

5. Impact Driver

Impact drivers have become increasingly popular due to their efficiency, speed, and strength. This tool is ideal for tightening and loosening fasteners such as screws and bolts. Unlike a regular power drill, an impact driver applies short bursts of power to make something turn without damaging the fastener or the tool’s motor.

The impact driver’s unique mechanism and design allow for faster and easier installations, making it a go-to tool for professionals. You have a choice between cordless or manual styles, as well as grip types, based on your needs. Additionally, you can buy either a pistol grip or a right-angle grip for hard-to-reach spaces.

If you’re looking for must-have power tools, Milwaukee offers a great selection of impact drivers with various accessories. If you want to make your construction or repair jobs easier, consider a notable brand such as this.

Keep Your Business In Shape

In today’s fast-paced business world, having the right tools at your disposal is crucial to ensure smooth operations and productivity. No matter what service or product your company offers, having must-have power tools can make a huge difference in performing vital repairs and maintenance both effectively and efficiently.
Investing in high-quality power and hand tools from reputable brands can provide long-lasting and durable results, saving you time and money in the long run. To learn more about equipping your place of business with essential tools, contact us at IBT Industrial Solutions for trustworthy insight and advice, or visit to browse our selection of hand and power tools.


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