You Get What You Pay For━Investing In The Right Power Drill For The Job

You Get What You Pay For━Investing In The Right Power Drill For The Job

Before You Buy Your Next Power Drill, Learn The Major Design Distinctions Associated With Different Price Points To Ensure You’re Investing In The Right Tool For The Job

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” This is especially true when it comes to the power tools you rely on. Whether you’re installing new cabinets in your home or drilling through concrete to hang pipe, understanding the features and functions associated with the cost of your power drill can help you maximize its runtime and performance for your purposes.

“The biggest misconception we hear in the field is that all drills are the same,” says Matt Henderson of Stanley Black & Decker. “This is not true. DeWalt, for example, makes many different models of drills and, while many of them share common features, they are manufactured completely different.”

In Henderson’s experience, this discussion generally arises from customers who are looking for the inexpensive drill that they saw in a Christmas ad for $99. “For customers with weekend projects or ‘DIY’ applications, the lower-end, $99 drill is perfect. However, professional users miss out thinking that these inexpensive drills will last in an industrial application with all-day use.”

The Key Differences Between An Inexpensive Drill And A Professional Drill:

Inexpensive Drill (left)DeWalt Power Drill

  • Plastic Chuck
  • Plastic Gears
  • Non-potted (epoxied) Switch
  • Smaller Batteries
  • 2 Speeds (opposed to 3)
  • Brushes

Professional Drill (right)

  • Metal Chuck (Rome Chuck)
  • Metal Gears
  • Potted Switch (epoxied)
  • Larger Batteries
  • 3 Speeds
  • Brushless
  • Made In USA

What Do Professional-Grade Power Drills Have To Offer?

As you can see, the inexpensive drill is not built to stand up to the same applications that the professional drill can. When you invest in a big-ticket power drill, you’re investing in components like…

A Rome Chuck that allows you to hold on to your bits better

Metal Gears that contribute to a longer life when drilling through harder materials, or drilling for long periods of time

A Potted Switch that prevents dust and debris from getting into the electronics of the drills

Larger Batteries that allow the users to use the tool for longer periods of time

3 Speeds, which is ideal for more precise applications that demand less or more power

A Brushless Design that provides an extended runtime by keeping the heat out of the tool

Lastly, knowing where your tools come from can give you additional insight into their level of quality. For example, “the professional DeWalt power tool [listed above] was made in Charlotte, NC, as opposed to China, like most less expensive brands/tools are,” Henderson says.

While this specific power drill example exhibits a clear distinction in quality, this concept, more or less, transcends all power tools. Therefore, it’s important to always ask yourself the right questions before purchasing a power tool, in order to determine which features are best suited for the job. i.e.:

How often will I be using it?

How long do I need it to run (at a time)?

IBT Is A Proud Distributor Of DeWalt Power Tools

As a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools, DeWalt by Stanley Black & Decker features a wide range of high-quality tools and accessories, built to last and perform reliably for a myriad of applications. Contact your IBT Rep for exclusive deals on DeWalt power tools for your next job or project.

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