Let IBT Build Your Next Dodge Quantis Gear Reducer

Let IBT Build Your Next Dodge Quantis Gear Reducer

Did you know that IBT is an authorized, ISO-certified Dodge Quantis Build Partner?

That means IBT technicians are factory-trained to construct assembled-to-order Dodge Quantis reducers in ILH (In-Line Helical) and RHB (Right-Angle Helical Bevel) configurations.

What Does That Mean For You?

IBT stocks the inventory needed to build these gearboxes at the corporate office in Kansas City. Having the parts on-hand means we can assemble them in under two hours—saving you an enormous amount of downtime. Additionally, for non-local businesses, we can freight orders overnight to IBT branches, saving you in shipping costs, as well.

Can Quantis Gear Reducers Improve Your Business?

See what Dodge Quantis ILH and RHB gear reducers have to offer and the key features that make them top-selling gear reducers in the industry.

Quantis reducers are assembled in four sizes: 38, 48, 68 and 88. The greater output torque ratings, increased horsepower ratings and expanded ratio range may allow facilities to downsize from existing units, reducing production costs and maintaining exact output speeds.

dodge quantis gear reducer

The Dodge Quantis product line offers a full line of modular designed gear drives—engineered for flexibility and greater torque density in a compact housing. Quantis drives are also built to increase horsepower capability from 1/4 hp to 75 hp.

Quantis ILH and RHB gearing have a single helical design, ground to provide an ellipsoid tooth that both eliminates wear and assures meshing in the strongest area. The result?—Reduced noise and increased transmitted power.

All gears are case carburized to ensure high surface durability and a resilient tooth core. Greater impact resistance will ultimately translate to longer service life and reduced unscheduled downtime.

Reducer, gears and bearings are splash-lubricated with ISO VG220 mineral oil and are filled prior to shipment. Nitrile rubber input and output lip seals produce less drag and heat, which also promotes longer gear reducer life.

ILH reducers are 98.5% efficient per stage and RHB reducers are up to 95% efficient.

Dodge Quantis Gearbox ILH input configurations include c-face clamp collars, motor adapters for input, motor flexibility and solid input shafts for V-belt mounting. See ILH Ratings below.

Dodge Quantis In-Line Helical Ratings

Size Max Input
Max Output
ILH 38 7.2 hp 1947 in-lb 4.77 – 191.75 56C – 180TC 71 – 100
ILH 48 10.4 hp 3983 in-lb 4.28 – 208.77 56C – 180TC 71 – 112
ILH 68 26.7 hp 7081 in-lb 3.49 – 281.01 56C – 210TC 71 – 132
ILH 88 45.5 hp 14870 in-lb 4.87 – 300.41 56C – 250TC 71 – 160

Dodge Quantis Gearbox RHB input configuration includes c-face clamp collars and output configurations of solid, straight hollow and taper bushed shafts. See RHB Ratings below.

Dodge Quantis Right Angle Helical Bevel Ratings

Size Max Input
Max Output
RHB 38 5.6 hp 2213 in-lb 5.65 – 49.38
RHB 48 8.7 hp 3983 in-lb 10.15 – 94.12
RHB 68 10.4 hp 7258 in-lb 6.44 – 150.88
RHB 88 26.9 hp 14604 in-lb 5.54 – 302.68

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Need A Gearbox Built Or Repaired?

Consider Dodge Quantis ILH and RHB for your gearbox needs. Every order is backed by a team of knowledgeable support staff, highly experienced with ILH and RHB reducers. IBT Industrial Solutions offers quick delivery options, including 24 or 48 hours.

If you’re looking to increase your horsepower and output torque ratings, while reducing production costs, contact us or give us a call at 913-677-3151!


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