IIoT Smart Tags Help Drive Efficiencies

IIoT Smart Tags Help Drive Efficiencies

IIoT Smart Tags

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Smart Tags are an intuitive QR Scan interface that delivers a robust and instantaneous list of product-specific features designed for increased efficiency. 

Simply put, it is a technology that is paving the way for innovation, convenience and process improvement in the Power Transmission industry.

Want to learn more about this smart technology—what it is, what it offers and why you should be using it? Here is everything you need to know about IIoT Smart Tags. »

What Do IIoT Smart Tags Do For You? 

  • Product Registration – Find value with product series and model identification, experience an intuitive re-order process from IBT, register up to 10 products at the same time and extend the warranty by one year.
  • Installation Support – Take advantage of on-demand product drawings, available how-to videos and a variety of tooling recommendations to speed up installation and product changeovers.  
  • Maintenance Support – Available product-specific maintenance guides to better service life cycles and gain insight for helpful installation and troubleshooting recommendations.
  • Contact an Expert – Obtain additional information on your registered products, assistance when selecting a new or replacement product and help when requesting a quote from IBT.

What Is The Importance of Smart QR Codes?

Products have been barcoded for their unique identification for over 50 years. With the advent of QR (or Quick Response) codes, greater levels of information can now be incorporated into relatively tiny spaces.

These “matrix barcodes” have been developed over the past 20 years to incorporate more and more data, and even error correction, to allow them to be used for more than just product ID. Now they can be used to link to whole libraries of information on the product that include drawings, installation manuals, videos and more.

How Will Smart QR Codes Help With Asset Management?

Plants can have thousands of products within their installation without a single method to manage them properly. As such, there are numerous advantages that Smart QR codes can provide to uniquely identify your product. This becomes the foundation for a number of things:

  • Easily determining when the product was purchased (for warranty purposes).
  • Keeping track of where and when the product was installed.
  • Streamlined maintenance programs, whether that is for lubrication, tuning, calibration, or replacing a portion or all of the product—depending on the type of product, and how it is being used.

What Is The Benefit Of Registering Your Product?

Registering your products will result in better, overall management of those products. It will assist with understanding where they may be currently located — on a shelf stored as backup or in production, currently being used. This will also help manage overstock situations and provide peace of mind knowing that replacements are readily available when needed, significantly reducing the potential for downtime.

When combined with a robust and intuitive e-commerce application, having your products registered should also accommodate for a more expedited re-ordering process from IBT.

As An End User, How Do I Register My Products?

IIoT Smart Tags

In 2018, few manufacturers have fully embraced smart tag technology. Rexnord, however, is one industry leader that has paved the way for innovation with technology integration in the industrial workplace. Because most Rexnord products come standard with QR Codes, they are a great example for understanding the registration process.

Registering is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Step 1 – Download the Rexnord Connect App.
  • Step 2 – Scan the unique QR Code.
  • Step 3 – Follow the instructions to register your product!

Want To Learn More About IIoT Smart Tags?

Rexnord offers a series of podcasts where you can learn more about IIoT, focus on asset management through product registration and discuss identification and prevention of asset failure.

For further inquiries about how IIoT Smart Tags could improve yo ur workplace, reach out to an IBT expert today – send us a message or give us a call at 913-677-3151!


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