NTN Bearing Corporation

NTN is a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive range of ball and roller bearings. Founded in 1918 and headquartered in Osaka, Japan, NTN operates more than seventy manufacturing facilities worldwide and is the third-largest bearing manufacturer in the world. With a strong domestic manufacturing network, over 80% of NTN’s products sold in North America are made by one of the eight plants in the USA and Canada. NTN engineers and manufactures products for a diverse range of demanding applications across a variety of industrial market segments. NTN is recognized for having some of the most stringent quality standards in the industry with solutions focused on productivity, reliability and efficiency, and the engineering training and support to back them up.

Our customers rely on NTN for high-performing bearings that increase the productivity and efficiency of their operations. To ensure that every customer gets the most out of NTN products, NTN offers free resources, training, and support (https://ntnamericas.com/technical-resources/training/) needed to properly select, install, and maintain your products over the long term. These comprehensive solutions guarantee our customers will get the most out of NTN’s products.


NTN’s newest innovations take performance to new heights—delivering the quietest, coolest and highest-capacity bearings in the market including ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings, with special features offering greater tolerance control and vibration resistance, E-Type mounted units capable of handling large misalignments, and SPAW bearing units that have an easy-to-install, one-piece design, an industry leading sealed spherical bearing and optional covers to keep out the dust in even the harshest applications.

For information on how NTN can be of service for your industry-specific application, visit www.ntnamericas.com.

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