Key Factors for Determining Bearing Tolerance


Wondering how you can determine the right bearing tolerance for your application? With different bearing tolerance classes, nomenclature and symbols, and series from manufacturers, it can be a daunting task when it comes to understanding accuracies for your application. And, if calculated inaccurately, could turn into a bearing slipping on the shaft and result in […]

Industrial Rod Ends & Their Essential Role in Your Operations

Although motors and belts often steal the spotlight in industrial operations, there are many smaller, equally essential parts working behind the scenes to ensure precision performance and smooth operation—rod ends, among them. What purpose do rod ends serve? Rod ends consist of a spherically-shaped inner ring and a cylindrical bore for mounting on the ends […]

Shaft Collars – How Small Parts Work & Keep Our World Moving Forward

Shaft collars …this small and vital tool is something most of us overlook, and you might not even know it existed. This small piece is likely used in every plant or manufacturer that made your, well….everything. From processing your favorite foods to your keeping up your kid’s playground, and even your daily exercise equipment… you […]

Roller Chain Lubrication Methods

Selecting the best lubrication method for your PT operations can help maximize both the life and operational efficiency of your roller chain Proper lubrication is essential for a chain drive to achieve its potential design life. In fact, the type of lubrication employed may be the sole limiting factor in determining the horsepower capacity of […]

Roller Chain Installation—A Guide To Trouble-Free Operation

Like any power transmission component, roller chain requires careful and accurate installation to ensure trouble-free operation and long life. Though roller chain installation is a fairly simple process, certain precautions must be taken and maintained in order to achieve the desired results. Roller chain, sprockets and other components are in good condition The shafts and […]

The Skinny On Thin Section Bearings

Made entirely in the USA, SilverThin manufactures thin section bearings for industrial and defense applications. But what, exactly, is a thin section bearing—and what renders it useful? SilverThin helped us answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Thin Section Bearings. »   What are Thin Section Bearings? Thin section bearings are a family […]