Get Same-Day Custom Hose

Get Same-Day Custom Hose

We’ve upgraded our custom hose equipment!  Now you can get custom hose cut and fitted on the same day—at any one of our 30+ locations.

New Equipment

IBT has recently installed a new, fully automatic, 6” crimper and a fully contained stainless steel testing table, which can pressure-test hose at up to 50,000 psi—and prevent contamination for FDA assemblies prior to shipping.

The result?  Factory-quality custom hose fittings that get you out the door—and back on the job—the same day.

“IBT has sold and customized hose for over 40 years,” said Scott Kesner, Business Group Director at IBT.  “But this year, we’ve upgraded all of our equipment and products to the highest-end, fully automatic crimpers to better serve our customers.”

Any Type of Hose or Fitting

IBT can custom-fit almost any type of hose or fitting.  In fact, we carry a wide selection of Goodyear/ContiTech hoses and fittings.  We can handle your:


  • Industrial hose (up to 6”)—perfect for chemical plants, oil refineries, industrial plants, power plants, food manufacturers—or anywhere you need a permanently attached fitting for leak-free assemblies
  • Hydraulic hose (any size/type)—for any mobile or in-plant use
  • Air hose (any size/type)—for any air or water hose

Internally expanded fittings (up to 2-1/2”) -for any time you need a smooth bore for flow or contamination prevention—in breweries, food manufacturers, dairy facilities, or even gasoline hoses

Banded assemblies (up to 24”) – ideal for larger bore hoses such as water suction and discharge—in wastewater, municipalities, and construction

Same-Day Service

All of IBT’s hose inventory is restocked daily at 7:00 a.m.  So if we don’t have what you need today, we can get it for you by tomorrow morning.  Our team can:

  1. Find the right hose
  2. Cut the hose, to your specs
  3. Attach the fittings
  4. Add the assembly
  5. Test the assembly, to ensure proper fit

“Customers love that we’re a one-stop shop,” said Paul Langston, IBT’s Product Manager for hose.  “We can supply them with everything, in one trip.  They often come in to pick up their hose, safety supplies, cutoff wheels—you name it, we’ve got it all here, in one location.”

Hose for Every Industry

Our hoses and fittings meet or exceed recommended standards for nearly every industry, including the USDA.  Our hoses are used in:

  • Oil refineries
  • Heavy equipment rental
  • Food processing
  • Mining
  • Dairy processing
  • Chemical processing
  • Municipalities
  • Waste water

 More Than 30+ Locations

Stop by any one of our 30+ locations today, or call headquarters at (800) 444-8202.


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