Lean Wipe Up from Georgia Pacific

Lean Wipe Up from Georgia Pacific

Lean manufacturing is an ever-evolving, dynamic process, covering all aspects of production. IBT and Georgia Pacific are committed to product solutions that integrate seamlessly into your Lean manufacturing processes:

  • Improving productivity
  • Creating less waste
  • Reducing cost-in-use
  • Increasing safety and hygiene

Like the concept of Lean as a whole – the power of Georgia-Pacific solutions lies within their simplicity. If you’ve got some wiping up to do around your facility, don’t go wimpy. Go Brawny®.

Brawny IndustrialTM Professional Cleaning Wipers from IBT and Georgia Pacific will help you get the job done, for sure.

Offering strength, absorbency and versatility, Brawny Industrial wipers are safe, clean and their dispensers provide one-at-time convenience to control costs and reduce the chance of cross contamination. Offered in a variety of styles, and packages, Brawny disposable wipers are designed to handle a variety of jobs from tough industrial cleaning to light wiping and dusting.

The ideal replacement for more expensive cloth shop towels and rags, Brawny Industrial premium low lint cloth replacement wipers/shop rags are made from hydro entangled fabric (HEF). This material has excellent durability and resists tears while performing tough industrial cleaning tasks, including cleaning of oil and grease on machines and parts. For many applications, even when wet, these GP HEF disposable wipers hold their strength and can be rinsed and reused. Their unique construction contains absorbent pulp fibers that provide absorbency and strength for fast and effective cleaning. Brawny wipers come in convenient, wall-mountable dispenser boxes for added protection and quick and easy hands-free dispensing.

Brawny IndustrialTM Heavy Duty Shop Towels
Tough industrial cleaning of oil and grease on machines and parts. The strongest and most durable, reusable Brawny wiper. Stands up to cleaners and solvents. Low lint. Click here for details.

Brawny IndustrialTM Wet Shop Towels
These wet shop towels allow you to easily wipe and clean greasy and grimy hands on the spot, while the new portable pail offers one-at-a-time dispensing and added wiper protection to help reduce waste and control costs. Click here for details.

Brawny IndustrialTM All Purpose Wipers
All-purpose, versatile wipers for oil and water based product wiping needs. Includes DRC, Airlaid and Scrim Reinforced Wipers. Click here for details.

Brawny IndustrialTM Light Duty Wipers
Perfect for light duty glass cleaning, small spills as well as light lubes and light solvent use cleaning. Click here for details.

Brawny IndustrialTM Dusting Cloths
Economical carded rayon janitorial dusting cloths specially treated to attract dust for janitorial and building maintenance. Click here for details.

Talk to your IBT sales rep about how to eliminate raggy messes and other problems associated with using the wrong wipes for the job. Don’t be wimpy. Be Brawny with Brawny Industrial Professional Cleaning Wipers from IBT and Georgia-Pacific.


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