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The Martin and IBT partnership goes back to the early 1950’s, as Martin Sprocket is one of IBT’s oldest suppliers. When IBT founder, Forrest L. Cloud, first decided to do what hadn’t been done before in 1949 and sell both bearings and power transmission products together, he reached out to Joe Martin, who had just begun making sprockets in the barn of his family’s farm in Arlington, TX.

Through the years, Martin and IBT have continued to work together, solving everyday application problems and offering made-to-order solutions. As an industry-leader in couplings today, Martin has grown to include a number of distribution centers and machining facilities strategically located across the USA and worldwide. Every warehouse in North America has complete product line inventory and the ability to manufacture or custom-alter parts with complete machining, fabrication, forging, casting, powdered metal technology and plastic injection molding capabilities of countless power transmission and conveying products

Martin’s commitment and dedication to making their products available to distributors like IBT help make it possible for us to supply our customers with the parts that get them back up-and-running━as early as the same day.

The philosophy of Martin Sprocket is simple: “Make a quality product, have plenty of it available and be easy to do business with!” They combine the convenience of strategically located regional manufacturing plants with the strength of IBT, Inc. as a distributor.

Martin is a leading supplier of Power Transmission Components, Material Handling Systems and Industrial Hand Tools. A trusted authority in the marketplace, Martin leverages a deep knowledge of Power Transmission and Material Handling applications to provide reliable cost-saving solutions to its industrial customers. Operating from more than 34 locations worldwide, Martin carries the vast inventories of a global company while consistently delivering exceptional local service and support. Known for meeting tight deadlines and solving unique manufacturing challenges, Martin keeps the industrial world moving efficiently.

IBT Industrial Solutions is a major distributor of Martin Sprocket products, including the following:

Power Transmission

  • Sprockets – Martin sets the standard for Sprocket manufacturing with the most extensive offering of stock and Made-to-Order Sprockets.
  • Gears – From Spur Gears to Worm Gears, Martin provides a massive inventory of Gears and offers quick delivery on a wide range of specialty Gears.
  • Sheaves – Martin keeps the industry’s V-belt drives running with stock and Made-to-Order
    Sheaves made in North America.
  • Synchronous – Martin supplies reliable Synchronous Sprockets and Timing Belt Pulleys for all major brands of high-performance belts.
  • Couplings – Martin carries a complete line of Shaft Couplings in a wide range of materials to ensure Shaft alignment and increase uptime.
  • Bushings – Martin stocks all popular types and sizes of interchangeable Bushings and Weld-On Hubs to fit any industrial application.

Material Handling

  • Bucket Elevators – Martin manufactures and stocks Bucket Elevators in a variety of styles and configurations. Bucket Elevators are used in many industries with material including, soaps, ceramics, carbon black, fiberglass, metal powder, fertilizer, grain, sugar, flour, salt and much more.
  • Screw Conveyors – Martin manufactures and stocks many standard screw conveyor components at several regional facilities located throughout North America. Conveyors are available as loose components or shop tested assembled.
  • Food-Grade & Specialty Conveyors – Martin manufactures modular plastic screw conveyors include that the all-plastic material does not corrode, is impervious to acids, caustics and other chemicals, they are FDA approved for food contact, highly resistant to corrosion, and the slick surface simplifies cleaning.
  • Drag Conveyors – Martin manufactures Drag Conveyors available in several styles. Drag Conveyors are well suited for ash handling, wood waste, grain and dust removal.

Conveyor Pulleys

  • Engineered Class Pulleys – The Martin Engineered Class Pulley (ECP) line can be used effectively in every industry to ensure optimum performance and Pulley longevity.
  • Heavy-Duty Drum & Wing Pulleys – Available in Standard, Quarry, and Mine Duty configurations, Martin’s Heavy-Duty Drum and Wing Pulleys meet the demanding requirements of harsh applications.
  • Clean Flight® Wing – The innovative design of Martin’s Clean Flight® Wing Pulley combines the material rejection technology of a screw conveyor with the durability of a Heavy Duty Wing Pulley. Constructed with distinctly aggressive materials & thick flights, Clean Flight® Wing Pulleys are built to withstand abrasive applications.
  • Special Construction Pulleys – Martin provides pulleys for a wide variety of applications. Some special pulleys include dead shaft pulleys, roller bearing insert pulleys, elevator pulleys, and stainless steel pulleys.
  • Bushings & Hubs – Martin stocks a large number of conveyor bushings and weld on hubs designed for use on conveyor pulleys.
  • Take-Up Frames – Take-Up Frames will take up the stretch in the conveyor belt and keep proper tension at the drive pulley to reduce slippage.
  • Shafting – Martin has the capability to provide conveyor pulley shafts and custom shaft detailing for special applications.


  • Impact Idlers – Impact Troughing Idlers are located at loading and transfer points. The rollers are equipped with rubber discs that cushion the impact and reduce costly belt damage. Impact idler frames are reinforced to reduce bending and withstand heavy material loads.
  • Troughing idlers – Martin manufactures heavy-duty Idlers and components that exceed CEMA standards. Heavy-duty construction and triple labyrinth seals allow for trouble-free part life in the harshest of applications. 
  • Self-Aligning Idlers – Self-Aligning Idlers are used to assist with belts that may be misaligned due to environmental conditions. Self-Aligning idlers pivot and attempt to guide the belt back into the center of the troughing idlers. Self-Aligning Idlers can be troughing, return or flat carrying.
  • Return idlers – Steel Return Idlers are used to support the belt on the return side when the conveyed material is not sticky, corrosive or excessively abrasive. These rollers are available with a variety of coatings suitable for the specific application.
  • Flat Carriers – Flat Carrier Idlers are used with flat belts where a trough is not required to contain material. They are used for picking, sorting, feeding or plowing material from the belt. Flat Carrier Idlers are available with Rubber Discs or as Steel Idler Rolls.


Martin is single source for a complete range of quality power transmission and material handling equipment for a variety of industries, including:

Aggregate • Agriculture • Beverage Bottling • Chemical Processing • Construction • Food Processing • Leisure Time Products • Mining • Oil • Packaging • Plastics • Product Fabrication • Pulp & Paper • Refineries • Rubber • Steel • Textiles • Transportation • Utilities • Water treatment

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