Founded in 1965, we are an Italian company noted for excellence in transmission components. 
Over the decades we have transformed into a multinational company with a global presence. We study and produce transmission components that, thanks to our inverters, serve the mechanical and mechatronic needs of all industrial sectors.

Our company is formed by people and technology that turn thoughts into actions and power into movement. A heart of production staffed by over 600 employees working at our various plants around the world.

Motovario offers a wide range of power transmission solutions to satisfy the most important industries: gearboxes and geared motors, helical models, bevel helical, parallel axis, worm gears, moreover the range is completed with variators, electric motors and electric drives.

Product Line

Mid Heavy Duty gearboxes

MHD series

Shaft-mounted gear reducers

S Series

Helical bevel gear reducers

B Series

Helical gear reducers

H Series

Electric motors

M Series

Worm gear reducers

VSF series


VAR Series


D series