SPX Hydraulic Testers — Test Hydraulic System’s Efficiency Now!

SPX Hydraulic Testers — Test Hydraulic System’s Efficiency Now!

If your hydraulic system is not running effectively or efficiently, then it’s costing you time and money:  money in lost productivity, and time spent diagnosing and repairing the system.

Now there’s a better way.  Introducing the SPX HT50A, HT75, and HT200 hydraulic testers.  In only a few minutes, you can troubleshoot your hydraulic system’s flow, pressure, and temperature.

SPX - HT200 SPX - HT50A

“This is the most accurate way to assess the efficiency of a hydraulic system,” said Kevin Bowlen, District Sales Manager for SPX.  “It’s kind of like a thermometer for hydraulics.”

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Fast, Quick, Portable

The SPX hydraulic testers are a fast, quick, portable way to diagnose a problem—and identify exactly where the problem is, whether it’s in the pump, relief valve, directional valve, or cylinder.  It’s even small enough to carry in your hands.

The hydraulic tester can save you money—by determining the overall efficiency of your hydraulic system, and by preventing unplanned downtime when the system is having problems.  Also, the increased efficiency can boost your overall productivity.

“Whether your system develops up to 50, 75, or even 200 gpm, SPX has a tester that gets the job done,” Bowlen said.

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How It Works

So how does it work?  Regardless of which component you test, hook-up and testing can be completed in minutes.

The operator simply runs the engine at a specific RPM and adjusts the tester’s pressure compensating valve to simulate a real workload.  By comparing meter readings with manufacturer specs, you can confirm whether the pump or component is operating effectively.

If oil flow or pressure do not meet specs, then you know the pump is faulty.  Or, if the test results agree with the manufacturer specifications, then the problem is elsewhere in the system, and other tests must be performed.

“As pumps get old or dirty or faulty, then the efficiency of the system deteriorates,” Bowlen said.  “It’s important to know why the system isn’t working efficiently, and this tester can help you determine that.”

Where to Use the Hydraulic Tester

The SPX hydraulic testers can be used to check any machine with hydraulic power (even up to 5,000 PSI)—from a conveyor system with hydraulic motors, to a forklift.  They can be used to test any hydraulic pump, directional control valve, or accessory valve (such as a pressure relief valve).

“These testers can be used in any industry that uses hydraulic oil to move something,” Bowlen said.  He adds that the testers have been used in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Road and bridge
  • Petrochemicals
  • Heavy equipment
  • Repair

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About SPX Hydraulic Technologies

SPX Hydraulic Technologies is a division within SPX Corporation, a diversified Fortune 500 manufacturing leader with over $5 billion in annual revenues and operations in more than 35 countries.  The Hydraulic Technologies division is based in Rockford, Illinois, with sales and manufacturing locations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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