Everyone is a Manager

This feature article is a continuation of the “Shift” series of articles – discussing the series of mind-shifts that will radically transform and improve any industrial operation in today’s world – a world of constant innovation and change. This is the third part in the “Shift” series. “Everyone is a manager” …as far as the […]

Enviro-conscious Cleaning Options From IBT

IBT recognizes the importance of conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner that conserves natural resources and minimizes waste. Many environmentally friendly options for cleaning and facility maintenance products are available through IBT. View our Enviro-Conscious Catalog for a variety of green products, such as: Chemicals and Janitorial pages 1-8 Facility Maintenance and Safety pages […]

Enduro Flex Turbo Flap Disc Features New Cyclone Technology

Enduro Flex Turbo features new CycloneTM Technology. Developed by Walter to surpass the performance of existing coated abrasives, Cyclone Technology is an exclusive blend of abrasive grain, bonding and cooling agents. While cooling agents reduce heat and friction, high tech abrasive grain removes more material. Not only does it provide a faster cut rate, it […]

Drive Change Training from IBT Industrial Solutions

Take advantage of IBT’s new Drive Change training – a comprehensive program designed to maximize the performance and efficiency of belt systems throughout your facility. Drive Change training, developed by Goodyear Engineered Products, combines first-class drive diagnostic tools and comprehensive training to ensure you maximize energy dollars up to a 98% power transfer with new […]

Dodge MagnaGear XTR Reducers

The ultimate advancement in speed reducers-Dodge® MagnaGear XTR™. Engineered with Dodge proven planetary and helical gear technology! MagnaGear XTR reducers’ simple power-dense design offers torque ratings from 100,000 to 920,000 in-lbs. assuring increased reliability in a more compact, economical, heavy-duty package. With this torque range, MagnaGear XTR reducers will accommodate horsepower of over 2,500 HP, […]

Grease Analysis in the Field with SKF Test Kit

When lubrication fails, bearings fail. If it is widely accepted that lubrication is important, why are 50% of premature bearing failures still due to bad lubrication practices? Why spend time, effort and money on high quality precision bearings and sophisticated mounting tools to maximize bearing service life, and neglect lubrication? In addition, bad lubrication practices […]

The Importance of Evaluating Selective Coordination

System downtime is reduced when over current protective devices are selectively coordinated. Designers should strive to limit the outage to only that circuit which is overloaded or which has faulted in order to avoid shutting down healthy parts of the electrical distribution system. Selectivity between over current protective devices is generally desirable and may be […]

New V1000-4X Electrical Drive from Yaskawa

Washdown – Dust Tight! The V1000-4X is a version of the standard V1000 in an integral enclosure that meets NEMA type 4X/12 indoor use requirements, UL type 4X/12 standards, and the IP66 rating of IEC 60529. This enclosure provides the protection required in tough washdown or dust-tight environments, common in Food and Beverage Processing, Packaging, […]