Get Same-Day Custom Hose

We’ve upgraded our custom hose equipment!  Now you can get custom hose cut and fitted on the same day—at any one of our 30+ locations. New Equipment IBT has recently installed a new, fully automatic, 6” crimper and a fully contained stainless steel testing table, which can pressure-test hose at up to 50,000 psi—and prevent […]

Roto-Mix – The “Cadillac” of Feed Mixers

In Dodge City, Kansas, “Queen of the Cow Towns,” cattle (meatpacking in particular) has long been one of the city’s dominant industries. Mike Hilderbrand, president of Roto-Mix LLC, one of the nation’s premiere manufacturers of feed mixers, outlines the city’s history in the industry as follows: “In the 1850s buffalo hunting was a large part […]