5 Reasons For Moving Bulk Material Vertically

5 Reasons For Moving Bulk Material Vertically

5 important reasons why vertical screw conveyors are more versatile than other mechanical elevating units:

  1. Single leg design-minimum space-trim appearance
    Single leg design eliminates the necessity of culling large openings in overhead floors, roofs, and walls. The design also permits installation in close quarters. No other elevating unit can compare with the capacity-versus-space requirement than a vertical screw.
  2. Compact
    Combines horizontal and vertical conveying into a single unit of operation.
  3. Eliminates cumbersome pits
    Low intake point of Conveyors Inc. Type 3 and 4 vertical conveyors eliminates pits in many installations. If pit is required, a small shallow pit will suffice.
  4. Vertical or inclined operation
    Verticals will elevate either vertically or on an incline.
  5. Simplified spouting
    Discharge stub can be positioned to almost any desired angle by rotating top section housing in erection, simplifying access to receiving bins, conveyors, hoppers, machines, etc.

Vertical Screw Conveyors also offer the benefits of:

  • Fewer operating parts than other elevating equipment
  • Sensibly engineered, ruggedly constructed, and easily maintained
  • Lower transportation and erection costs
  • Smaller space requirements
  • Less maintenance than any other type of elevating equipment
  • Often less expensive than other elevating equipment

Common bulk material that use vertical screw conveyors:

Alfalfa Meal
Asphalt, Crushed
Baking Powder
Blood, Dried
Cotton Seed & by-products
Dairy Feeds
Dicalcium Phosphate
Epson Salts
Fish Meal
Grains, distillery-spent dry
Grape Pomace
Ice, crushed, tube, flake
Limestone Dust
Linseed & by-products
Meat Scraps, cooked
Oyster Shells, ground
Paper Pulp
Peanuts & by-products
Peas, Dried
Tung Nuts
Wood chips

Contact IBT if you have material you want to move vertically or if you have questions about your specific conveying application.


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