Dodge Motorized Torque-Arm II Speed Reducers

Dodge Motorized Torque-Arm II Speed Reducers

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With 60 years of proven dependability and more service throughout the world, DODGE TORQUE-ARM speed reducers are the standard of the industry.

Dodge Twin Taper Bushing System

Exclusive twin tapered bushings eliminate the wobble and fretting corrosion normally associated with single bushed shaft mounted reducers by centering the shaft in the hub. The bushings are made of ductile iron for shock resistance and fully split to completely grip the driven shaft. As the bushing screws are tightened, the bushing is drawn inward and wedged evenly and firmly against the shaft. To remove, simply remove the mounting screws, insert them in the threaded holes in the bushing flange, and turn them against the backing plate. They will act as jacking screws and pull the bushing right out. No puller is required, the reducer simply slides off.

Dodge Short Shaft Bushing System
Allows replacement of single bushed reducers with the industry preferred Twin Taper Bushing System. Extended outboard bushing reaches in and grabs the shorter shaft. Available in Metric Bores.
AGMA and ABMA Rated
Anti-friction roller bearings are sized to conform to AGMA and ABMA design of 25,000 hrs average life in Class I applications.

Heavy Duty Solution
  • AGMA rated design offers longer life vs European DIN standards
  • Premium HNBR oil seals with excluder seal technology
  • Straddle mount input pinion gives maximum torque throughput, no pressfit pinion shank
  • Available in 3hp-75hp based on output speeds
  • 1-5/16″ through 3-7/16″ bushing bores
Installed Cost Savings
  • Reduced assembly time & guarding costs
  • Optional metal/ABS end covers
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
Compact Flexible Drive Design
  • Reducer mounts in multiple positions
  • Two motor speeds and multiple gear ratios provide a wide spectrum of output speeds
Uses Standard Stocked Accessories
  • Standard and short shaft twin tapered bushings
  • Industry leading backstop design
  • Standard stock torque arm rod kit
  • Standard Screw Conveyor Adapter and drive shaft
  • Standard Baldor-Reliance NEMA® C-face motors
  • Three-piece coupled design
Easy Selection
  • Part numbered product concept
  • Easy Class I & II selection tables
Proven Performance
  • Rugged, high efficiency, case carburized helical/bevel gearing


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