Dodge® Stainless Gearboxes Ideal for Food and Chemical Processing

Dodge® Stainless Gearboxes Ideal for Food and Chemical Processing

If you work in food or chemical processing, then you know that traditional epoxy-painted and cast iron gearboxes don’t last long.  The constant chemical exposure, water immersion, abrasion, and high-pressure washdown causes the paint to chip—and rusts the metal, which eventually gets eaten away.

Longer-Lasting Than Painted or Cast Iron Gearboxes

If you’re replacing your gearboxes frequently for these reasons, then you’ll want to try the Ultra Kleen® Tigear®-2. The sanitary design is completely sealed to solve the challenges of high-pressure washes, high temperatures, and caustic cleaning chemicals.

A Virtually Maintenance-Free Gearbox

The Ultra Kleen Tigear-2 can be used in conveyors, mixer drives, screw conveyors, pumps, and general machinery.  Joe Purcell, Business Group Director of Bearing, PT, and Gearing at IBT Industrial Solutions, recommends it for any industrial environment where you have:

  • Ultraviolet rays
  • Harsh chemicals
  • Oils
  • Food
  • Acids
  • Water immersion
  • Abrasion
  • High-pressure washdown

“In these types of environments, you may have to replace your painted or cast iron gearbox more often,” Purcell said.  “But the Ultra Kleen is stainless steel and completely sealed for life, so it’s virtually maintenance-free.  You will need to change it less frequently.”

Designed with Food-Safe Features

In addition, the Ultra Kleen Tigear-2 is pre-filled with food-safe H1 grade lubricant, right out of the box—for easier installation in food processing facilities.  Not only that, but it was designed with no breather required—meaning that there’s less chance of causing food contamination from spilled oil, since there’s no pin to open.

“Most food plants don’t want to take a chance of that happening,” Purcell said.  “In those situations, Ultra Kleen is a good choice.”

For additional protection, an axial sealing lip keeps out contaminants, while a rounded housing prevents water pooling.

Choose From Two Gear Reducers by Dodge

The Ultra Kleen Tigear-2 isn’t the only food safe gearing option by Dodge. There’s also the stainless steel, right-angle Quantis Ultra Kleen gear reducer. Built to withstand wash-down sprays, the Quantis Ultra Kleen reducer comes with food-grade lubrication and stainless output shafts. Just like the Tigear-2, it’s maintenance free and comes with a 1-year warranty.

“Both the Ultra Kleen Tigear-2 and the Dodge Quantis Ultra Kleen Gear Reducer are great choices in the paper, forest, water treatment, wastewater water treatment plants,” Purcell said.  “The helical-bevel gearing is much more energy-friendly than a worm reducer, because of its high efficiency.  And they work well anywhere you have water washdown or caustic chemicals that can hurt the life of the gear reducer.”

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