Hydraulic ISAF Pillow Blocks from Dodge

Hydraulic ISAF Pillow Blocks from Dodge


Ideally suited for large bulk handling conveyors, the Dodge Hydraulic ISAF (5-7/16″ and larger shaft sizes) is easy to install and remove, features two superior sealing systems, and has housings and inner units made of ductile iron for added strength.

This rugged bearing utilizes a built-in hydraulically-assisted, adapter-mounted installation and removal system. To install, simply slip the bearing on the shaft and apply hydraulic pressure to position the bearing on the adapter sleeve. Instead of the time-consuming process of mechanically rotating a lock nut, the hydraulic system quickly and easily pushes the bearing into position. Once installed, the full shaft contact offered by this unique mounting system reduces or eliminates fretting corrosion. To remove, simply apply pressure to the dismount piston to push the bearing off the adapter sleeve. No feeler gauges or specials tools are needed for installation or removal.

Factory assembled, sealed and lubricated, the Dodge hydraulically-assisted ISAF features dual sealing systems to ensure longer bearing life by reducing contaminants. A triple lip inner-bore seal, in combination with re-greasable LOR aluminum outer seal with an O-ring, ensure that contaminants can’t penetrate the bearing cavity, making it the ideal bearing for dirty and dusty harsh environments.

An ideal replacement for SAF pillow blocks, the Dodge large bore ISAF is available in sizes ranging from 5-7/16 inches up to 15″.

Baldor’s Dodge Hydraulic ISAF bearing won the Plant Engineering Product of the Year 2008 Gold Award in the Power Transmission category. The Product of the Year Award honors the most innovative and useful products introduced to the industrial plant engineering market each year. Initial entries are screened by a panel of plant engineers for publication in Plant Engineering Magazine, and readers are invited to vote on their choices for the best products.

Patented Adapter Mounting System

  • Patented integral hydraulically-assisted mount
  • Quick installation and removal
  • Automatic, accurate clearance setting without feeler gauges
  • Full shaft contact reduces or eliminates fretting corrosion
  • Built-in hydraulic piston tightens the bearing on the shaft for easy installation
  • Built-in hydraulic piston loosens the bearing from the shaft for easy removal
  • Lockplates keep the locknuts tight for dependable gripping power
  • Normal installation and removal of ISAF can be accomplished in 15 minutes or less
  • Four-bolt pillow blocks 5-7/16″ and up (Housing sizes 532 through 080)

How Much Is Assembly Time Worth?

Hydraulic ISAF pillow blocks are interchangeable with other SAF style pillow blocks.


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