Little Giant Ladders – No Need to “Tie Off”

Little Giant Ladders – No Need to “Tie Off”

Now your employees don’t need to tie off if they climb to heights over 6 ft. tall—thanks to the popular new aerial Cage ladder from Little Giant Ladder Systems.

18509-Arial-Cage-5'-9'-No-Click-WheelsWhile OSHA requires you to be tied off if you are more than 6 feet off the ground, the new, lightweight safety ladder includes a self-enclosing platform at the top that meets OSHA requirements.

“If you work in a plant or warehouse, it’s not easy or fun to be tied off,” Bill Burlingame said, a Senior Account Manager at IBT Industrial Solutions in Joplin, Missouri, adding that it requires a lanyard, anchor, and other equipment.  “This ladder has a safety cage that actually acts as a scaffolding, so you don’t need to be tied off.”

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Replaces 3 Other Ladders

The Little Giant Ladder Systems can also be adjusted and reconfigured—into multiple ladder configurations, eliminating the need to carry several ladders on a worksite.

“We offer approximately 60 different styles of ladder at our company,” said Kurt Kline, the Vice President of Sales for Little Giant Safety.  “Most of them are adjustable, so they can be used to replace several other ladders.”

In addition to reducing exposure to OSHA fines, Kline said that Little Giant Ladders also:

  • Reduce loss-time injuries
  • Meet all electrical codes
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Reduce worker’s comp claims

“My customers love how they are light enough to put in your service truck and carry around to job sites,” Burlingame said.  “Now they don’t have to carry around 2 or 3 other ladders.”

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OSHA Now Focusing on Ladder Safety

“Traditionally, ladders have been the most dangerous device on the jobsite,” Kline said.  “This is a technology that has not changed much in the last 40 years.  But over the past 3 years, OSHA has put significant emphasis on ladder safety.”

Inspectors are vigorous in ladder inspections, Kline added.  OSHA requires a ladder to be stabilized and standing at a 75.5° angle.  However, employees often disregard safety requirements, and dangerous falls can be caused by:

  • Overreaching—employees tend to reach too far because it’s time-consuming and difficult to climb down and move an extension ladder
  • Stepping on top rung—employees often step on a top rung if they’ve chosen a ladder that’s too short, creating instability
  • Failing to stabilize the ladder—on an uneven surface, employees may unsafely stabilize the ladder with a wooden board or rock
  • Failing to tie off—because it takes time and effort, many employees skip the step of tying off above 6 ft.

“Our focus is to prevent injuries and save lives,” Kline said.  “This is one of the few products on the market where purchasing, management, safety personnel, and employees all agree on the value.”

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3 Great Industrial Ladders

Little Giant Ladder Systems offers several ladders for the industrial market, including:

Cage Ladder

cageladderCombo step ladder/platform ladder with a built-in safety cage.  This totally portable ladder creates a “scaffolding” at the top that eliminates the need for tying off above 6 ft.  Prevents falls due to overreaching, and has independently adjustable legs—so you can work safely on uneven surfaces (even stairs).

SelectStep Ladder

selectstepVery comfortable, totally adjustable stepladder that adjusts in height up to 10 ft.  The top rung is removed, eliminating the temptation to overreach or climb too high.  The standing platform prevents bruising to the shins and makes standing for long periods of time much more comfortable.  Easily folds up and wheels from place to place.

SumoStance Ladder

sumostance5x more stable than a traditional extension ladder, this unique ladder has retractable outriggers for maximum stability on uneven ground.  Built-in bubble levels ensure that the ladder is at the safest possible angle every time.  Also 15% lighter than a typical extension ladder.

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