Little Leaks Cost Lots – Loctite Has The Solution

Little Leaks Cost Lots – Loctite Has The Solution

A small leak can sink a great ship.– Benjamin Franklin

In just about any industrial establishment, compressed air is a constant. It is used in many places, to perform many tasks. It is often unseen. But, if it is not heard, the small air leaks that are hissing around the plant are a costly noise.

Loctite knows how to find out exactly how costly those little leaks of air can be. Even more importantly, they can help locate, rate, and plug those leaks.

The trick is Henkel Loctite’s Operation Stop Leak Program, a plant-wide survey that involves a scientific air leak detection that uses Ultraprobe 3000 to detect air leaks.

Where are the leaks? In many types of places. A recent plant-wide survey identified air leaks:

  • around pipe fittings and unions
  • around quick disconnect fittings
  • along air lines, hoses and tubes
  • at elbows in the compressed air lines
  • at valves
  • at compressed air regulators and regulator components

After the leaks are identified, Loctite provides a series of industry-proven proactive standard methods, techniques, and procedures that remedy these leaks. One solution is to use LOCTITE® Product 567, a threadlocker, to fix them now and fix them right.

Once leaks are identified and rated, it is possible to calculate how much the leaks are costing each year.

The factors that go into the equation include:

  • Cost of electricity per kilo watt hour (kWh)
  • Number of compressors in the facility
  • Cumulative output of the compressors in cubic feet per minute (CFM)
  • Cumulative compressor(s) rated horsepower (hp)
  • Air pressure: in pounds per square inch (psi)

This leads to a calculated compressed air cost, expressed in thousand cubic feet units.

(electricity rate/KWH) x (Cumulative compressor Rated horsepower) x
(60 x Cumulative compressor output/1000) = (Compressed air cost/1000 Cubic Feet)

Still need convincing? Read more information about how your facility can benefit from stopping leaks.

Contact IBT to learn more about Loctite’s leak reduction program – and how it can save you money.


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