Loose Belts Caused by Incorrect Belt Tension Sink Bearings

Loose Belts Caused by Incorrect Belt Tension Sink Bearings

Bearings on belt-driven machinery are vulnerable to failures caused by incorrect belt tension.

Too tight a belt, and the shaft can actually pull to one side, becoming internally off-center. This will put an excessive load on the bearings. Even more damage is likely from a shaft that is bowed or bent as a result of the over-tightening.

If the belt is too loose, it can slip excessively. The resulting friction will generate large amounts of heat that can severely damage the belts and actually start a fire. It can also cause possible internal machine damage. Of course, belt slippage from the lack of proper tensioning decreases efficiency and wastes energy.

Proper belt tensioning means that the belt is just tight enough so that it does not slip on the sheaves. To accomplish this correctly, use a belt tensioning tool to accurately adjust the belts. These tools are available through IBT along with sheave alignment tools to insure the precise alignment.

To be completely sure, ask the experts in to help you. The Industrial Maintenance Technologies (IMT) service group of IBT will help align and tension your belts for you.

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