New Chain Accessories from Drives USA Chain

New Chain Accessories from Drives USA Chain

Wear Gauge
Take it out before you wear it out. Drives USA Chain has a new tool: a steel wear gauge that lets you check chains for wear and make the switch when you plan to – not when it is worn, wearing out or already broken.

There have been plastic gauges in the past. But, they get greasy and they break. This gauge is made from tough stuff: tool steel. This gauge will help you decide if the chain is worn out. No more calculations or measuring tapes.

Using it is easy:

  1. Identify chain pitch size.
  2. Locate the corresponding step on the gauge.
  3. Check gauge for fit between any two roller links. (Do this with chain in tension.)
  4. If the gauge step fits through the checkpoint, the chain is worn out and needs to be replaced. (Gauge should be in line, directly below any outside link plate.)

This gauge accurately checks up to nine sizes of American Standard roller chains and up to seven sizes of Premium British Standard roller chains. It has a convenient grip handle with pre-drilled holes for hanging, to keep it handy.

Comes in three models:

  • #35 chain – #100 chain = Part #60637
  • #80 chain – #240 chain = Part #60638
  • #06B chain – #24B chain = Part #61904

Chain Rack

Chain rack for is for #40, #50, #60, and #80 chain in 50 foot reels. It will hold two fifty-foot reels of #40 or #50 chain per station, one fifty-foot reel of #60, #60H or #80 chain per station.

Using the EZ CHAIN RACK – is simple. There are three EZ steps to store and cut Drives brand precision roller chain. The EZ CHAIN RACK is designed to be versatile, allowing four positions to hold fifty-foot reels of chain.

  1. Insert square clutched shaft in roller chain spool.
  2. Set clutch assembly and spool into rack.
  3. Dispense USA roller chain and cut with EZ Breaker chain breaker.

It is made with high quality welded construction and has a stand alone base. Floor space is roughly 31 inches square.

Center Shafts have individual clutches to prevent chain from uncoiling. The gear box allows easy switching from size to size. It also allows rotation in both directions

Chain Breaker

Cut your chain breaking jobs down to size with EZ Breaker!

EZ Breaker is a compact, easy to use tool for cutting roller chain. It is a simple, rugged piece of equipment which will stand up to the abuses of the shop, farm, or industrial environment.

EZ Breaker will cut ANSI roller chain sizes 35 through 100H, 40-2 through 80-2, 2040 through 2060H, and 550 through 557 with a simple pull of the handle. No more grinding off pin heads! No more hammers and punches! No more ruined chain!

EZ Breaker uses powerful cam-action to push both chain pins through the link plates with an easy pull of the handle.

The time consuming, tedious job of breaking chain is now accomplished with a single pull of the handle. EZ Breaker links price and Value! EZ Breaker has interchangeable Die Sets that make it EZ to switch from one size chain to another!

It does all the work. No grinding of rivet heads and hammer/punch work. You buy the chain breaker base and then the die sets for the chain your customer is cutting/breaking.

For more information about any of these chain accessories from Drives USA Chain, talk to your local IBT sales rep. For an IBT Corporate contact, visit with Tim Zerger.


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