New Couplings From Baldor-Dodge

New Couplings From Baldor-Dodge

Baldor Electric Company has introduced new Dodge Para-Flex® G-Series couplings. They feature the innovative Para-Flex element, designed to accommodate concurrent angular, parallel, and axial misalignment and ensure fast, easy installation.

Baldor contends that their new product offers superior technology in a smaller, more cost-effective package.

The versatile Para-Flex G-Series is available in three different styles of shaft attachment: Finished Bore (GFB), Taper-Lock® (GTL), and Grip Tight® (GT).

The Finished Bore (GFB) style is a slip-fit, straight-bore solution offering the largest bore size capability of any Para-Flex flange. It requires less shaft length than traditional flanges and features two setscrews at 65 degree angles.

The Para-Flex G-Series Taper-Lock (GTL) flange can accommodate shaft bores greater than other dimensionally comparable couplings because it accepts larger Taper-Lock bushings. This helps reduce inventory and prevent shaft damage and/or fretting corrosion.

The Grip-Tight (GT) style flange also accepts greater shaft bores via its Grip-Tight bushing with “thin wall” adapters. It offers the largest bushed bore sizes and features a patented keyless bushing system for a full 360 degree concentric grip on the shaft.

Compared to other elastomeric couplings, the new G-Series flange design also offers higher torque capacities to complement the larger bores. This allows users to select a dimensionally smaller, less expensive coupling that has the same capabilities as larger, more expensive offerings.

The G-Series flanges come pre-assembled, and traditional flange bolts have been replaced by a new element locking nut that provides fast, easy element replacement, without the hassle of broken, lost or improperly installed bolts.

For more information about Para-Flex G-Series, contact your IBT sales rep or write to us.


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