Partner with IBT Industrial Solutions for Your Vibration Analysis Needs

Partner with IBT Industrial Solutions for Your Vibration Analysis Needs

IBT's Vibration Analysis Division

When your operation experiences machinery problems, properly identifying and correcting the issue without causing further damage and extra expense is crucial to getting back up and running smoothly. That’s why IBT’s Industrial Maintenance Technologies Group takes pride in delivering the highest quality vibration analysis services to help you optimize the performance of your critical production and support systems.

Whether you’re reaching out in the middle of a breakdown, or scheduling a health check on your equipment, full equipment reports from IBT’s vibration analysis experts can provide you with invaluable insight that will save you both time and money.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis Service from IBT Industrial SolutionsMisalignment and imbalance are two common causes behind unforeseen equipment failure. Vibration analysis can help you stay ahead of these and other potential problems and protect the value of your equipment. Vibration analysis can help detect faults in your machinery based on the vibration signature produced by the machine. This can help our team identify an imbalance, misalignment, bent shafts, mechanical looseness, defects with gear drives and bearings, and resonance. Through vibration analysis, we can help you catch potentially catastrophic faults early on to help you avoid equipment loss, unplanned downtime, and safety issues. 

Our experienced technicians can provide complete on-site inspection, analysis, and repair services. We’ll provide you with a detailed report and recommendations for the next steps, regarding repair or replacement. It’s also recommended to adopt vibration analysis into your predictive maintenance program on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure that you stay ahead of any potential failures and are apprised of the health of your equipment throughout the year.

Motion Amplification

IBT's Motion Amplification Services IBT is now certified in motion amplification using an Iris M motion amplification camera system from RDI Technologies. This camera allows our Industrial Maintenance Services team to film your equipment in use, analyze the equipment, and help solve unforeseen issues before further damage can occur. This preventative maintenance method helps detect looseness, excessive misalignment, structural weakness, cracking, and other causes of excessive vibration.

To provide you with an unparalleled look at the areas affected by excess vibration or motion, our team of experts will come onsite to perform the motion amplification analysis and provide you with side-by-side videos to compare how your equipment seems to be operating to the human eye to how the machine is actually operating in amplified motion.

Remote Monitoring

Erbessd Remote Monitoring Another excellent predictive maintenance tool that can help you keep a continual beat on the health of your machinery is remote monitoring. This method is most often used when the criticality of the equipment in use would be extremely difficult/costly to replace parts for or if it’s put through rigorous stress on a daily basis. Our team of experts recommends using the Criticality Ranking Matrix to determine the criticality of your machinery.

With the ability to pull data as frequently as every hour of the day, innovative remote monitoring systems from Erbessd Instruments can help you maximize your production and ensure that everything is under control in your operation. By using wireless vibration monitors and sensors, IBT’s Industrial Maintenance Services team can provide you with advanced reporting for data recording and balancing.

IBT is Here to Help You Get Ahead of Potential Problems & Protect Your Equipment

With several decades of experience in industrial maintenance, you can rely on IBT’s vibration analysis experts for the best solution to your problems. IBT takes pride in ensuring your operation is running at peak performance with predictive and preventative maintenance programs.

Let us help you continue to keep on keeping on! Contact Leo Simbeck, IBT’s Technical Team Leader at (913) 428-2831 to learn more.


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