Brand New Ways To Go Green

Going green isn’t just a fad or a slogan or the notion of some fringe environmental movement. It’s a valid business strategy and has become part of mainstream business. Going green is about savings: energy, environment and money. Also, it isn’t that hard to do. In fact, many of us have already started turning green […]

Inside the System

Predictive maintenance believes that it is smart to fix something before it breaks. Smart management calculates and estimates when the optimum time for that fix is. So, in the properly managed system, outages and downtimes are proactively planned and executed accordingly. Under this system, production management is high on orderliness and low on random surprises. […]

In A Hurry? Call IBT

Routine excellence is the basic standard for IBT customer service. And, in the event that they deliver less than that, they expect their customers to remind them. When they do it the way they are supposed to, they don’t expect to hear big cheers. After all, being really good at taking care of the customer […]

Graco Hooks Up To IBT

Graco, a leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment based in Minneapolis, has become a supplier to IBT for lubrication equipment. IBT will represent Graco’s maintenance lubrication dispensing equipment division. Founded in 1926, Graco has a long standing reputation for high quality product and excellent customer service. They are a world leader in fluid handling systems […]

Hall of Famer George Brett Boosts IBT

George Brett, who was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame overwhelmingly on his first eligible ballot, is a longtime friend of IBT. George has spoken at IBT Awards dinners, provided signed “Brett Brothers Bats” for award-winning Heavy Hitter sales reps, played golf with IBT customers and friends and just hung out. George has also […]

Winning the Sales Game

Selling is not a job for the lazy, the complacent, the incurious or the un-ambitious. Selling is a profession for the eager person, the activist, the listener, the thinker, the doer. To succeed in the sales profession, one must be, more than anything else, willing to hear a ton of “no” to get to the […]

Play Lubrication By Ear with IMT

Over lubricating a bearing is about as hazardous as under lubricating it. When do you stop? Some people wait until grease flows out of it. That’s too much lubrication, to be sure. Bearing manufacturers report that over lubrication is one of the major causes of bearing failure. Because of over lubrication, the bearing can overheat […]

Comprehensive Condition Monitoring Programs Lower Insurance

Most businesses carry insurance coverage to repay the cost of damage to assets like buildings and machinery. Companies also can have coverage for the loss of production due to catastrophic events, such as fires or machinery breakdowns. Rates have been increasing but when a company has an equipment condition quality monitoring program, it can positively […]

Loose Belts Caused by Incorrect Belt Tension Sink Bearings

Bearings on belt-driven machinery are vulnerable to failures caused by incorrect belt tension. Too tight a belt, and the shaft can actually pull to one side, becoming internally off-center. This will put an excessive load on the bearings. Even more damage is likely from a shaft that is bowed or bent as a result of […]

Prevent Machinery Damage with IBT’s Industrial Maintenance Technologies Division

The stuff of industry is man-made and, therefore, inherently breakable. Usually at the time and in the manner that is most inconvenient for all concerned. When it does, you need a friend. We can recommend that you call your old friend IBT’s IMT (Industrial Maintenance Technologies Division). If they’re not your old friend, they can be […]