Avoid Long Lead Times with a Versatile, Factory-Stocked Gearbox Replacement Solution

Avoid Long Lead Times with a Versatile, Factory-Stocked Gearbox Replacement Solution

FLEXBLOC Gearbox from NORD

While the industry is still experiencing longer lead times, especially when it comes to gearbox replacements and gearing components, it’s more important than ever to have an industrial partner that can help guide you in finding different brands and products that will meet your application’s unique needs.

That’s why at IBT, we take pride in stocking back-ups to our back-ups to ensure we’re ready to fulfill our customers’ urgent needs. With products like the versatile FLEXBLOC® worm gearbox from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS®, we’re able to accommodate quick turnarounds and provide a solution that can work with most applications.

An In-Stock, Flexible Gearbox Replacement for Virtually Any Application

Foot plate for FLEXBLOC  gearboxFinding the right gearbox replacement can be a daunting task, especially when there are many different configurations and requirements that are needed for each given application. Providing a solution to this common challenge in the industry, NORD’s FLEXBLOC worm gearbox can be ordered with a foot plate to hit different center distances. The versatility of the FLEXBLOC foot plate allows the unit to drop-in for several common industry foot-prints.

In addition to the foot plate, FLEXBLOC has a hollow bore option that bushings can work in conjunction with the gearbox if the original hollow bore size isn’t the correct size for your specific application. NORD’s FLEXBLOC is made in mass and is stocked in their factory in Waunakee, Wisconsin — making lead time non-existent and a topic of the past. 

Adaptable Gearbox Mounting Positions & Universal Oil Fill

FLEXBLOC Gearbox from NORDAn additional factor that comes into consideration when looking for a gearbox replacement is that most gearboxes have a designated mounting position when they are made and if they are installed in any manner other than the original build, oil levels can be too low, too high, or even leak through ways of the vent.

FLEXBLOC makes replacement a breeze, as it can be mounted in any position, which provides a universal oil fill solution. FLEXBLOC also guarantees exceptional modularity by offering a unified set of factory-stocked and easy-to-assemble accessory kits.

Simple, Plug-and-Play Design for a Variety of Configurations

Solid Shaft for FLEXBLOC GearboxTackling another common challenge facing the industry, FLEBLOC eliminates the need to stock a left-hand and right-hand gearbox, as it works in both configurations and can also accommodate a solid shaft. To further add to the product’s user-friendly design, FLEXBLOC offers a simple plug-in shaft, which can be accomplished while out in the field in just a matter of seconds — saving you both time and money.

FLEBLOC comes in many different sizes and ratios to support a wide range of applications. Further adding to the unparalleled modularity of these gearboxes, NORD can supply a NEMA adapter to make them compatible with any stock motor.


NORD is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drive technology for mechanical and electronic solutions. NORD provides a wide range of high-quality, innovative products that include constant speed reducers, gear motors, industrial gear units, AC vector drives, and motor starters for decentralized control.

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