Did You Know About IBT’s Electrical Product Specialists?

Did You Know About IBT’s Electrical Product Specialists?

Looking for a way to get your electrical equipment and motors running better, faster, or longer? Many people don’t realize that IBT Industrial Solutions has a dedicated team of electrical product specialists—who consult with customers on every aspect of electric motors, helping them reduce downtime, and become more productive in their operations.

“Sometimes it feels as if IBT’s best-kept secret is our electrical group’s products and services,” said Jim Wright, the Electrical Group Product Manager at IBT. “We’ve actually been selling electrical products and helping customers solve their toughest electrical problems since the 1970’s.”

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“Everything That Makes a Motor Run”

“We sell AC and DC Motors, equipment that starts a motor and allows it to run, and additional items that are used in and around a motor application in supporting, protecting and monitoring the application,” Wright added, including:

  • Electric motors
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Motor starters and soft motors starters
  • Pushbuttons and selector switches
  • Circuit breakers and fuses
  • Enclosures, NEMA1, NEMA12, NEMA4, NEMA 4X

200+ Different Suppliers

IBT’s Electrical Products Group sells products from more than 200 different suppliers. A small sampling includes:

  • Siemens—motors, controls
  • Yaskawa—drives
  • Marathon—electric motors
  • Mersen—fuses
  • Baldor—electric motors, drives

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Up to 35 Years of Experience

“What makes us stand out from other distributors is our wealth of experience,” Wright said. “If a customer has a problem we not only can provide a first solution, quite often are we offer a second, third, and fourth option as well. We want our customers to have access to as much information which allows them to make informed decisions. Many customers like that they can call us and say, ‘I need XYZ.’ And because of our experience in our industry, someone in our group usually knows about XYZ.”

A majority of the team members have worked at IBT for 10+ years—and one, Bruce Hoffman, has been with the company for 35 years.

“Customers like the diversity of our skills and expertise,” said Hoffman, an Electrical Product Specialist for the team. “We have the whole package—products, knowledge, and service. When they ask me something, I can always get them an answer. I have a lot of resources available to help me.”

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Solving Electrical Problems for Customers

The Electrical Products team has solved many different challenges for customers over the years—on everything from reducing energy costs, to preventing motor failures, to getting more life out of their current machinery.

“When a customer has a situation where they don’t know what to do, we can look at their application and make recommendations for a solution to their problem,” Wright said. “In most cases, we go directly to our client’s site and work with them to develop and demonstrate how to get the most out of their equipment.”

Hoffman agreed. “Once we get into a plant to evaluate a problem, that’s where we really shine,” he said. “We have the ability to analyze and troubleshoot. Then we provide a solution.”

“It can really be that simple to work with IBT’s Electric Group,” Wright added.

Need help with your motors or drives?

Contact Jim Wright, Electrical Product Manager for IBT Industrial Solutions, at (913) 261-2121 or jwright@ibtinc.com.


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