Can an iFIL Pleated Filter Solve Your Filter Problems?

Can an iFIL Pleated Filter Solve Your Filter Problems?

Plant operators cannot always justify the funds for large capital equipment replacements. In many cases, a pleated filter conversion can extend the useful life of dust collection equipment—especially when unique changes in operating conditions make it difficult to address new demands in your industry.

Mark Hense, President of iFIL USA, a manufacturer of innovative pleated filtration technologies, recommends using the following guidelines to decide if a pleated filter can help you.

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An iFIL Pleated Filter Could Help If…

You want to run more airflow to increase production through existing process collectors.

The baghouse is often originally sized to a specific airflow capacity and static pressure—but as plants evolve, there is a need to increase capacity to meet market demand. In this case, switching to pleated filters has a quick payback. Because pleated filter elements increase the cloth area by 2x-3x in comparison to traditional polyester felt bag units, you can reduce the differential pressure of the system, allowing the fan to pull more airflow through the system.

You have an abrasion problem.

“If your maintenance staff is replacing filters frequently—or in the same locations in the housing with holes near the bottom of the bag—it may be time to upgrade to a pleated filter,” Hense said. Pleated filters are typically shorter than the filter bags being converted, which allows abrasive materials in the airflow to drop out after entering the chamber—but before reaching the bottom of the filter array. This prevents system downtime and lost production.

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You want easier filter maintenance.

iFIL Pleated Filter are, in general, easier and faster to change out, Hense said. “In many cases, replacement time can be cut in half by switching to pleated filters,” he said. This frees up time for maintenance staff, who are not wasting time on problematic dust collectors.

You need filters for a special situation—such as with FDA compliance, conductive properties, high temperature ability, or special media.

In this case, it may be better to use a pleated filter element that can handle your special needs. “For example, iFIL has a wide range of filters designed for specific applications and industries,” Hense said. “There are very few industrial applications where pleated filters have not benefitted our end users.”

About iFIL

iFIL (Innovative Filtration Technologies) manufactures custom pleated filter elements, with affiliate manufacturing operations in the U.S., Switzerland, and China (Shanghai). iFIL filters are used in food processing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, cement and rock dust, metals, and general mixing and blending across the globe. They have partnered with IBT Industrial Solutions for over 3 years.

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