3 Disinfectants You Can Use NOW to Fight Against COVID-19 at Your Facility

3 Disinfectants You Can Use NOW to Fight Against COVID-19 at Your Facility

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin

The CDC and EPA have given us a wealth of resources on how to protect ourselves against COVID-19. Most of the instructions and recommendations make a lot of sense and are easy to understand. Yet, one thing we have heard numerous times over the last few weeks from our customers is that the List N of EPA registered disinfectants is just not very easy to navigate or feel confident in.  In fact, it’s leaving our customers with more questions than answers. If you’ve felt the same, then this is just for you! We are going to demystify the List N Disinfectants and break down some easy steps you can take right now to clean your workspace safely and with peace of mind. 

Disinfecting Your Space

Disinfecting your workspace can be a challenge at this point. While the EPA has given us guidelines to follow, many retailers are low on the typical cleaning products we would normally use.  Good luck finding a Lysol® or Clorox® product at your local store. So many of us are resorting to the EPA’s List N Disinfectants as a source to find other products. 

The “List”Disinfectants EPA registered

The intention of the EPA’s List N is an excellent idea, but overall how products are listed are not user friendly. The process behind their organization may make sense, but it’s not intuitive for those of us using it. When you look at List N you see some common household chemicals mentioned but many brands you think would be on the list….are not. Or at least they don’t appear to be. 

The EPA List N is organized by a few categories. The EPA registered number is the very first column you’ll see. Now, most of us have probably never looked this up before, so we’re likely glazing over this piece. Come to find out, it is actually one of the most important bits of information the list has and lets you search by. 

So why the confusion? Well, since disinfectants are registered by primary registrants or “formula owners”, sub-registrants of that formula kind of get lost. So companies can get lost because of this. For example, If you’re checking to see if the disinfectants you have on hand are registered to fight against COVID-19 on the EPA’s List N…just check out the label and find the EPA registration number. Then search by that. You’ll find what you’re looking for much faster!

Brands You Trust & Love

One of our favorite, most trusted suppliers 3M® has even fallen victim to this unique categorization. From first glance they don’t appear to be on the list…but they are! 3M® has several products that are registered disinfectants and meet the EPA’s Emerging Pathogen Policy. So if you love and use 3M®, like we do, don’t fret!

IBT has also partnered with 3M® to have access to some of their top products. We want to make sure you are well equipped to reopen and maintain a safe and healthy work environment! So we’re sharing with you three products that we have access to right now, that you can confidently use in your fight against COVID-19.

Three 3M® Products You can Buy Now & Trust 

3M disinfectants

All of these 3M® disinfectants meet the EPA’s regulations and are products you can feel confident in using. With these, you don’t need to read a list or lookup EPA registrations numbers. You can call IBT today, can have the product in your hands in no time. And even if you did want to look them up – they’d be on the list! 

In this challenging time, you need to take care of yourself. We don’t need to over complicate things. The EPA’s List N is great, but when you need something easy, and fast – you call on IBT. You can trust us, and our suppliers. If we wouldn’t use it personally, we wouldn’t recommend it to you! For Disinfectants, sanitizer, and any of your other COVID-19 products needs – we’re here to help!

Disinfect now

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