GOJO® Needs Analysis

GOJO® Needs Analysis

GOJO® in cooperation with IBT, offers on-site Needs Analysis of your facility. It’s a comprehensive analysis of skin risks, type of work performed and locations to determine the right combination of skin care products, dispensing, and training to maximize the effectiveness of your personalized program and reap the rewards of clean hands.

GOJO’s Skin Risks & Solutions Needs Analysis includes the following steps:

Evaluate the current skin care-related behavior and attitudes of workers, as well as the conditions of their skin.

Conduct a Needs Analysis to determine the optimal type and location of products and dispensers for every work environment including production areas, offices, restrooms, break rooms, and other locations throughout your facility.

Presentation and Trial
Present your customized Needs Analysis findings in a report for your facility. Propose specific product recommendations and set up your product trial.


It’s important to make sure you have the right products where they are needed. IBT and GOJO will provide assistance in recommending the most effective, least aggressive hand cleaner for each area of your facility.

And to help keep skin healthy, make the exclusive GOJO HAND MEDIC® Professional Skin Conditioner available to your employees as part of a healthy skin care regimen. IBT and GOJO will also help identify areas of your facility where PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer should be used.

GOJO also provides skin care training for manufacturing facilities. GOJO Hand Hygiene Program for Manufacturing Facilities is a training program that includes a video and trainer’s guide to introduce your facility’s skin care program, demonstrate healthy skin care behaviors and describe personal benefits of healthy skin to your employees.

Contact an IBT Safety Representative to set up a Needs Analysis appointment or inquire about GOJO’s Hand Hygiene Program for your company.


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