Need a Lightweight Air Hose From Goodyear?

Need a Lightweight Air Hose From Goodyear?

Looking for an economical, lightweight alternative to your heavy rubber and PVC air hose?  The F5 air hose has now joined the Goodyear Engineered Products Line—and is made of a unique thermoplastic blend that is not only durable, but very lightweight.

“Customers love this hose because it’s a good-quality hose with a reasonable market price,” said Paul Langston, Product Manager at IBT.  “It’s also a non-marring hose, so it doesn’t leave a mark if you drag it across an airplane wing or a new floor.”

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45% Lighter Than Rubber Hose

The F5 is a whopping 45% lighter than rubber hose and 25% lighter than PVC hose. This blue flexible TPE hose has medium oil resistance, and performs well in temps from -40°F to 158°F.

“Because this hose can handle up to 300 psi, it can be used in lots of different applications,” said Ted Henry, a Product Manager at Veyance, which manufactures Goodyear Engineered Products.  “The oil resistance means you get a longer life out of the hose—which translates to more value for the customer.”

Many Different Uses

This Goodyear Air Hose can be used on everything from pneumatic tools—to HVAC wrenches—to assembly lines.

“The customer base that purchases this hose is essentially anyone who uses pneumatic air hose,” said Tom Brennan, another IBT Product Manager.  He sells a combined total of more than 1,200 complete F5 assemblies per year from the St. Louis branch of IBT—in both the 1/4” and 3/8” size. “We sell a lot of this hose for its durability, flexibility, and very light weight.”

It is also used by:

  • Construction companies
  • Car manufacturers
  • Tool and die shops
  • Roofing companies
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Heavy equipment rental companies

Popular Product

“This product is like a snowball, gaining momentum in the industry,” said Henry, who added that sales of the hose have grown year over year since the product was released in 2009.  He predicts 15% growth in sales of the hose for 2013.

“The F5 sells itself,” said Henry.  “We encourage people to try it—feel it, handle it. They usually love it, then buy more.”

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