Shimpo’s Innovative Reducer

Shimpo’s Innovative Reducer

Shimpo has a new reducer which can be dropped in to replace the
SM Cyclone

Shimpo has introduced the Circulute 3000® Reducer, their next generation cycloidal speed reducer. It is available from IBT.

The Circulute 3000, readily available with inputs for both servo and induction motors, features a compact design with single reduction ratios of 11:1 to 71:1 at 95% operating efficiency.

It utilizes 52100 grade bearing steel on all of its speed reduction components. It is also offered with a full two year warranty. This warranty, not limited by hours of operation, is offered because this Shimpo unit is able to endure abuse that would break the teeth of ordinary speed reducers.

Offered in two backlash ratings and multiple mounting options, the Circulute 3000 has a unique two piece pin housing design that guarantees output shaft backlash ratings of less than 6 arc-min.

Applications suited for the Circulute 3000 Reducer include: machine tools; rotary valves; feeders; rotary tables; steel industry roll drives; mixers; grinders; dryers and conveyors.

The reducer is also offered with top mount, shovel base input, IEC motor inputs, designs for overhead conveyor applications and a wide range of options for unique applications.

As a further innovation, Circulute 3000 is also available with an integral pulley. This is in addition to their standard assembly configurations. It is also offered with a hollow output shaft. These configurations, available in three sizes, can be used in a number of situations to create a compact footless drive package. It is available in the following configurations: Circulute pulley with hollow shaft; shaft input with hollow shaft output; C-face input with hollow shaft or Circulute pulley, flange mount.

The Circulute 3000 Speed Reducer delivers the features today’s industry needs:

  • High reduction ratios, without sacrificing efficiency.
  • Compact designs, without requiring special motors. Exceptional shock load capacity, without having to oversize.
  • Greater overhung load capacities, without using expensive special components.
  • AÂ precision backlash option, without resorting to special gearing.

All of this, while requiring minimal maintenance, is available with mounting and output shaft dimensions equivalent to those of the SM Cyclo® product. Your Shimpo reducer can be dropped in to replace the other brand with no modifications to your mounting plate!

How it works:

  1. When the input shaft makes one rotation, the eccentric roller bearing also rotates once in the same direction.
  2. The wheel is driven by the eccentric roller bearing. It revolves around the internal pins with its teeth engaging with consecutive pins.
  3. When the eccentric roller bearing has completed one full rotation, a tooth initially in mesh with a pin will be positioned as many teeth behind its initial position as the difference between the number of internal pins and the number of teeth. As a result, the wheel rotates slowly in the opposite direction of the input shaft.
  4. The rotational motion of the wheel is transmitted to the output shaft through the carrier pins. The power train sets apart from other speed reducers. Its main power transmission components include: an eccentric roller bearing drives a wheel around a set of internal pins, keeping rotational inertia low. The result: exceptional efficiency, long service-life and reduced wear.




High Efficiency Cycloidal Reducer Design
  • Single stage reduction ratios up to 71:1 saves space
  • Rolling motion minimizes friction and wear, reducing heat, resulting in a 95% efficiency rating per stage
  • 500% shock load capability as there are only compressive forces rather than shear forces on the tooth
  • Low speed of cycloidal wheel results in minimal reflected inertia less wear, and extremely long service life
  • Due to the large overall “tooth / pin” contact area, select a Reducer using smaller mechanical service factors
Two Backlash Ratings
  • Standard backlash offers the highest available torque rating at an economical price
  • Precision backlash results in tighter positional tolerances
Multiple Inputs: NEMA C-Face, Servo Square Flange, Shaft Input, Shovel Base, Top Mount
  • Versatility to fit whatever prime mover is needed for the application
  • NEMA and servo input flanges are compact “quill-style” hollowbore configuration, eliminating input couplings and guards
  • Quill-style input features an input support bearing to control fretting corrosion between motor shaft and reducer hub, and permit tighter internal tolerances
  • NEMA input flange includes threaded back-off holes for easy motor removal
Straddle Mount Output Shaft Bearings (sizes D, E, F)
  • Supports output shaft and drive pins to provide exceptional overhung and thrust load capability, without the need for special bearings or housings
Multiple Mounting Options: Base, Flange, Ring
  • Versatility to fit anywhere on your machine
  • Ring style allows output bearing to extend well within the machine for greatest overhung load rating

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