ACE Products Protect

ACE Products Protect

Downtime is a problem, of course. But new information suggests that an additional part of the problem is not just loss of productivity. It is also damage to machinery caused by sudden and unexpected stops.

Recently released statistics indicate that approximately a third of all machine stoppages result in damage to the equipment, which may necessitate extensive repairs. IBT vendor ACE Controls has a solution, a new line of components.

ACE Controls’ new product range, the Locked Series safety clamping devices, are specifically designed to lower machine process costs and increase service life as well as operational safety.

They decrease the forces occurring when power failure, programming error, erroneous switching or other problems occur, causing unplanned machine stops.

All elements of the ACE Controls’ emergency stoppers are independent of the power supply and are not dependent on any part of the machinery that they protect. As a result, the components act as an independent brake system for the respective drives.

Because of ACE’s patented pneumatic pre-loading of the system by spring plates in the diaphragm, the clamping elements react in the shortest possible response time. These safety systems are permanently operational for maximum machine protection.

ACE’s new products put the brakes on masses in motion, on rail systems, guideways and rods.



Locked Series Type L Clamping elements offer the highest clamping forces in the most compact design for rail systems
Locked Series Type P

Offers pneumatic rod clamping in both directions of movement for rod diameters of 16 mm up to 50 mm (0.63 inch to 1.97 inch)

Locked Series Type R Offers the highest forces and holding for clamping of rotational movements directly on the shafts from 50 to 340 mm. (1.97 inch to 13.38 inch)


Locked SeriesType L

The innovative pneumatic clamping elements of the new ACE Locked Series Type L offer a safe clamp/or brake system fitted directly on the guided rail. They are suitable for the majority of all rail sizes and manufacturers, such as INA, STAR/Rexroth, THK, Schneeberger and many others.

The compact construction method makes the assembly user-friendly and available for large and wide carriages. Despite the small physical size and low installation costs compared with equivalent hydraulic and electronic solutions, the highest clamping and braking forces are available, up to 10,000 N.

The ACE clamping system offers optimal safety braking, because the loss of pneumatic power immediately applies the clamping elements.


Locked SeriesType P

The innovative Locked Series Type P offers pneumatic rod clamping in both directions of movement for rod diameters of 16 mm up to 50 mm (0.63 inch to 1.97 inch). The values of hydraulic clamping are met and exceeded at holding forces of up to 27,000 N.

Locked Series Type P is the optimum method of safety clamping, since pneumatic failure means immediate clamping of the system.

ACE Locked Series Type P is compact in design when compared to hydraulic systems. Because of the modular design, several segments can be added on top of one another, and it is therefore possible to design the required clamping force for each individual application.

Dimensions of base/cover plates and flange diameters match those of ISO Pneumatic Cylinders. Within the Locked Series Type P, ACE also offers a model with additional safety for the highest possible safety standards in relation to the vertical axes. After clamping of the piston rod, the clamping can only be released again when the axis is driven vertically upwards


Locked SeriesType R

ACE’s innovative pneumatic clamping elements of the Locked Series Type R offer the highest forces and holding for clamping of rotational movements directly on the shaft. They are available in standard sizes for shaft diameters of 50 to 340 mm (1.97 inch to 13.38 inch). Due to the spring-brake actuator principle, energy failure is immediately followed by safety clamping.

As a result of the use of pneumatics, very short reaction times are reached. The use of Piezo valves directly at the clamping point allows for rapid clamping times. The costs when compared to hydraulic clamping systems, including safety clamping, are low. ACE’s Locked Series Type R clamping elements are compact in design and easy to install.

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