STAMPED – A Simple Acronym That Can Make a BIG Impact On Your Hose Purchases

STAMPED – A Simple Acronym That Can Make a BIG Impact On Your Hose Purchases

Nothing is more irritating than ordering the wrong part or tool. It’s frustrating and ultimately, at best, a waste of time. Thankfully, ordering the right hose with IBT never needs to be complicated. 

At IBT we simplify the ordering process 

Industrial hoseWhile we may stock a vast inventory of Industrial Hose and Hydraulic Hose products we aim to make the ordering process as simple as possible by using the industry-accepted acronym STAMPED to ensure proper hose selection for your needs. 

At IBT we’ve been supplying and customizing hoses for over 50 years.   We know that getting the right hose for the job can be imperative, and impact not just profit and efficiency, but employee safety as well. This is why there are no trick questions here. The answers you give are unquestionably important, and your answers help to ensure a successful selection of the right hose for your job. 

When using the STAMPED method, it is important to be very accurate in your answers. Rushing a measurement or not considering the application of the hose can cause not only a hose that is too short but potentially one that isn’t built to handle the dangerous materials you could be transferring, risking employee safety.  

S – Size

What is the inside diameter or (ID) of the hose needed? 

What is the outside diameter (OD) of the hose needed?   

How long of a length does the hose need to be? 

What is the exact overall length (OAL) including fittings?

T – Temperature

What will be the internal and external temperatures that the hose is exposed to? 

Will it be exposed to extreme heat or cold frequently?

What is the highest and lowest temperature that it could possibly be exposed to during its use?

A – Application

How will the hose be used? 

How will it be attached or installed to other equipment? 

Will it be exposed to possible abrasion, gouging, cutting or crushing? 

Will the hose likely to be exposed to heat, solvents, flames, acids, sun or ozone? 

Does it need to conform to standard specifications, such as FDA, USDA, PMA, SAE?

Will it face severe bending? Or will it require hangers to help support it?

M – Material

What is the substance that will be flowing through the hose or it is exposed to? 

Is the material liquid, gas, solid? Is it wet, or dry?

Can the material change from a liquid to a gaseous state if exposed to the air?

Is the material abrasive or Corrosive? 

Is it poisonous or acidic? 

P – Pressure

What sort of pressure does it need to withstand? 

Are there going to be major changes in pressure?

What is the maximum pressure?

What is the working pressure? 

E – Ends

What kind of ends or fittings or clamping systems will be needed? 

Are there gaskets or other accessories needed? What are their specifications?

How easily can the ends be serviced or replaced in the field?

How will the ends be installed? 

D – Delivery

Where and when do you need the hose? 

Are there any special considerations about delivery (carrier, packaging, urgency)?

Does it need any form of special handling, expediting, or attention?

As a tried and true friend in the industry, we understand that days are long and busy, but accurate information is king when it comes to selecting the right hose length, fittings, etc. If you can answer the questions above then you are on a great track to ensuring you have the right product for the job. With your answers, our outstanding product specialists and IBT’s wide array of supplier relationships, we can ensure you get the right hose for the job!

At IBT, we are here to help with all of your Hydraulic Hose and Industrial Hose needs.  Remember, always check and double-check the accuracy of your STAMPED information and when in doubt, reach out and contact one of our experienced product specialists who can help guide you through this process.


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