What Is A Keyless Locking Device?

What Is A Keyless Locking Device?

Keyless Locking Devices (KLDs) are mechanical bushings used to connect power transmission components onto rotating shafts. These keyless, frictional devices provide an easily adjustable and releasable mechanical shrink fit, while eliminating problems associated with backlash including fretting, corroding and wallowing.

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Keyless locking assemblies are typically used in applications, such as: timing, drum, V-belt and conveyor pulleys; sprockets, sheaves, index wheels and spindles; gears – spur, helical worm wheel, bevel, spiral bevel, pinion; bullcams, levers, flywheels, agitator shafts; speed reducers motors – AC, DC; hydraulic clutches and brakes; and flange couplings.

How Keyless Locking Devices Work

Keyless Locking Devices create a 360-degree clamping force on the shaft to position components. More specifically, they allow the axial or torque loads to be transmitted by radial clamping pressures and friction between the functional surfaces of the shaft, hub and locking assembly.

Internal Locking Assemblies Vs. External Shrink Discs

There are two types of keyless locking devices: internal locking assemblies, which reside between the shaft and the hub to create both internal and external connections, and external shrink discs, which reside outside the hub, compressing it down onto the shaft.

What Benefits Do Keyless Locking Devices Have To Offer?

How to install a keyless locking device
Click To See The Easy Installation of A Climax Series 133 KLA
  •  High capacity for both dynamic and static load bearing
  • Can handle a variety of loads including torque, bending moment, axial and radial thrusts
  • Axial and angular adjustments can be carried out on the spot
  • Easy assembly and disassembly—Doesn’t require any prior hub or shaft preparation
  • No preparation or maintenance costs
  • Majority of units are self-centering
  • Reusable an infinite number of times
  • Excellent for use with timed or actuated components
  • Eliminates key wallowing, backlash and fretting corrosion
  • Corrosion resistant: active surfaces are protected and no space between connections
  • Overload capacity and eventual sliding will not endanger the integrity of the shaft
  • Minimal loss in torque due to the presence of keyway in the shaft

Select The Best KLD For Your Application

The first step in specifying a keyless locking device for your application is determining the shaft diameter, the maximum torque requirement and the hub inside diameter. These elements can help dictate which assembly style your application requires. 

Climax Metal Products Company, a major manufacturer of keyless locking assemblies, offers various style selections, such as:

  • C200 Keyless Series: Self-Releasing Locking Assembly
  • C123, C133, C170 Keyless Series: Self-Centering Locking Assemblies
  • C405 Keyless Series: Very-High Torque Locking Assembly
  • C501 Keyless Series: Locking Elements
  • C733 Keyless Series: Medium-High Torque Shrink Disks
  • + Many More!

For further assistance in selecting the best keyless locking assemblies, keyless rigid couplings or shrink discs for your application, contact our power transmission expertsor give us a call at 913-677-3151—today!


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