Bearing Repair—Why It’s Ideal For Heavy Industries

Bearing Repair—Why It’s Ideal For Heavy Industries

Repaired bearings can be returned to like-new specifications in about one-third of the time, costing up to 60 percent less than a new bearing

Why has bearing repair grown significantly in popularity among heavy industrial customers?


According to Timken®, most bearings in heavy industrial applications are removed from service before they have reached their full useful and economic life— in fact, less than 10 percent of bearings used in a heavy industrial application reach their design L10 life.

Advancements in bearing design, steel cleanliness, bearing maintenance and repair processes have proved bearing repair to be an effective way of extending bearing life, making it an economical alternative to purchasing new. Learn how »

Benefits of Bearing Repair

The following benefits outline what companies have to gain from choosing bearing repair or remanufacturing over new bearing replacement.

Enormous Cost + TIme Savings

The bearing replacement process is substantially more efficient than that of purchasing a brand new bearing. Repaired bearings can be returned to like-new specifications in about one-third of the time, costing up to 60 percent less than a new bearing

Comparable Service Life To A New Bearing

The initial bearing design takes into account the use and application of the bearing and establishes a corresponding prediction for service life and fatigue life. Studies performed by bearing manufacturers and independent researchers have shown that a properly repaired bearing will run a second service cycle comparable to that of a new bearing.


When compared to the manufacture of a new bearing, bearing repair is considered a more environmentally-friendly procedure, requiring less energy input and reducing raw material consumption and waste.

Ideal Candidates For Repair

Applications and industries that could benefit most from bearing repair or remanufacture are: aluminum and steel mills; aggregate and cement equipment; mobile construction vehicles; oil and gas equipment; mining equipment; power generation equipment; pulp and paper mills; rubber and plastics equipment.

While all bearing types are eligible for repair, regardless of the original manufacturer, repair is most economical for bearings at least 8 inches OD.

Keys To A Successful Bearing Repair

Although bearing repair has proven to be a cost-effective solution, like any service, it is subject to limitations. Bearings can be repaired, often more than once, but not indefinitely. A general rule of thumb is that bearings should not have more than three regrinds.

It is recommended to consult with a bearing manufacturer representative and/or application engineer to help determine the cause, extent and suggested repair of the damage. It also is critical to have any repair performed by properly trained and experienced personnel because unnecessary repairs can lead to additional damage and limited bearing life.

In addition to expertise, proper equipment is required to fix the problem and ensure damage has been reviewed and properly removed. The appropriate measuring equipment, such as laser tracing and profiling equipment, CMM and precise measuring machines, are essential to perform thorough inspections on the repaired product.

The Timken Process

Repaired bearings are processed with the same precision equipment and quality standards as new bearings manufactured by Timken.

A quality bearing repair program can result in significant time and cost savings compared to discarding and purchasing new bearings. In addition, the lead time for repair is substantially less than that of a new bearing. For additional information on Timken repair services, visit

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