Bearing Replacements Costing You Downtime? Time for Cost Savings You Need & Deserve!

Bearing Replacements Costing You Downtime? Time for Cost Savings You Need & Deserve!

Bearing replacements have you in a tight spot?

Do you deal with rapid bearing replacement, in areas that are challenging to work in or hard to reach? Replacing bearings can be a tedious and time-consuming process, and taking extra steps to do your work, when you don’t have to, is the opposite of efficiency. Solution? Enter Schaeffler’s Split Spherical Roller Bearings.  Schaeffler split spherical roller bearing

Many plants and facilities are bound to have hard-to-reach, tight spots…where you inevitably have to replace a bearing, possibly even today. But what if you could eliminate several of those steps and complications involved with that bearing replacement? 

Traditional solid bearings can require difficult and costly replacement processes. Pulling couplings or drives are all extra steps that create more downtime. Well, with Schaeffler’s Split Spherical Roller Bearings the inner and outer ring, as well as cage assembly, are all split in half for easy mounting and dismounting. 

Easy on, easy off!

With Schaeffler’s Split Spherical Roller Bearings you can easily get bearings on and off, which reduces downtime. Less downtime, more profit! An easier job, with more profit…at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want?

Schaeffler’s Split Spherical Roller Bearing Features: 

  • Available in a comprehensive range of sizes
  • Inch shaft sizes: 2-3/16” – 16”
  • Metric shaft sizes: 55mm – 630mm
  • Fully interchangeable with standard spherical roller bearings
  • Compatible with most housings
  • Mounts directly on shaft — no adapter sleeve needed

With features like this, and the ability to eliminate many of the steps and complications involved in replacing standard bearings. Schaeffler Split Spherical Roller Bearings can pay for themselves in no time. What is equally amazing is their remarkable versatility!

Applications for Schaeffler Split Spherical Roller Bearings:

  • Mining
  • Mixing, Stirring & Processing Plants
  • Dryer Rolls
  • Dive and Transmission Shafts
  • Conveying Equipment – work conveyors, bucket and belt conveyors
  • Bucket Wheel Excavators and Reclaimers
  • Dust Extraction Plants
  • Communication Machinery

ExSchaeffler bearing-housing cutaway with lubricatortend your bearing life

Schaeffler Split Spherical Roller Bearings can also be used in combination with an automatic lubricator. With controlled relubrication, you can maintain a constant supply of lubrication to the contact points, extending the life of your bearing.  

With Schaeffler’s extensive range of split spherical roller bearings, you can rest assured there’s a solution to fit your needs. IBT’s experienced and knowledgable Bearing & Power Transmission Specialists are here to help you through every step of the process and answer any questions you may have. 

Split Spherical Roller Bearings are being used more and more often across a variety of industries and applications, and for good reason. Saving steps, and cutting out downtime saves money, simple as that. If you’re ready to reduce your downtime, then reach out to IBT today and see how we can help you find a solution!

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