Tough Gorilla Multipurpose Hose from Goodyear Reduces Failures

Tough Gorilla Multipurpose Hose from Goodyear Reduces Failures

A meat processing plant was using an all-purpose hose for washdown. However, the animal fats on the floor broke down the cover of the hose, destroying it. After replacing the hose with Gorilla multipurpose hose from Goodyear, the processing plant experienced no further failures.

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In a similar case, another company had repeated hose failures when the hose cover was sheared off—after constantly being pulled around the sharp corner of cabinetry. In this case, the tough outer covering of Gorilla hose solved the problem, and prevented future failures.

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“If you have a high-pressure or high-abrasion situation, then this is a great hose to use,” said Tim West, Senior Product Manager at IBT Industrial Solutions. “This is a top-of-the-line hose that can handle being dragged on the ground across a rough surface.”

Goodyear’s Gorilla multipurpose hose is designed to work in even the toughest environments—such as rock quarries, mines, factories, oil and gas, construction, and food companies. It is designed for:

  • Air, water, and non-food-grade oils
  • 500 psi working pressure
  • 4:1 safety factor

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The real reason Gorilla hose works so well in tough environments? The super abrasion-resistant and flame-resistant outer cover, said Lance Nelson, the Southwest Region Manager at Veyance Technologies, Inc. He added that the tough cover is also static resistant, an additional safety feature.

“People love how tough this hose is,” Nelson said. “It’s designed with premium grade materials. Gorilla is the best value of any multipurpose hose in the industry.”

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