Elevate Food Safety with Corrosion-resistant Bearing Housed Units

Elevate Food Safety with Corrosion-resistant Bearing Housed Units

The Corrosion-Resistant Poly-Round® Housed Units by Timken include a greaseless design increasing reliability, ultimately lowering your cost of ownership.

When it comes to Food & Beverage Manufacturing, safety and sanitation regulations are stringent—and for good reason.

A typical food production facility houses thousands of rolling element bearings that must be regularly inspected for grease purge, signs of rust, and to ensure that mold is not taking hold in cracks and crevices. 

Timken®-Corrosion-Resistant-Poly-Round®-Plain-Bearing-Housed-UnitsThough frequent high-pressure washdowns and harsh sanitation agents keep most equipment bearings clean, over time, they can damage and degrade bearing seals, contaminating the grease or allowing it to escape. Even bearing assemblies that are not operating in direct contact with food can become a breeding ground for bacteria due to the moisture or temperature fluctuations inside the plant.

Having hygienic housed units that are engineered to meet food safety and USDA standards while also complying with NSF/ANSI/3-A SSI 14159-1 – 2014 requirements, is non-negotiable.

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Food-safe bearings are engineered to not only withstand and protect against a variety of wet and dry contaminants but also increase efficiencies with long-lasting, high-performance. 

See how Timken’s Poly-Round Housed Units are elevating food safety and improving productivity & reliability in food & beverage manufacturing operations across the globe.

Elevating Food Safety

Bearings that operate in close contact with food in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) positions—typically on conveyor belts or oven rollers—are at high risk for rust and grease leakage. 

In order to prevent contamination, Timken’s Hygienic Poly-Round® Plain Bearing Housed Units are greaseless and engineered with highly corrosion-resistant materials.

Additionally, they are available in optically detectable blue thermoset or stainless steel, giving you peace of mind that foreign material contamination will likely be detected.

Improving Productivity

For busy maintenance staff, bearings tend to take a back seat to other priorities until contamination or failure brings operations to a sudden halt. The hard lesson often learned in hindsight is that the cost of downtime far exceeds the initial investment in a stronger bearing solution that is built for reliable performance in harsh or wet conditions.

High performance from these bearings not only increases uptime but also increases efficiency. Timken’s greaseless Poly-Round housed units help reduce time spent on maintenance, lubrication, and washing to improve your overall productivity.

Corrosion-Resistant Poly-Round Housed Units

Wherever sanitation and contamination are critical concerns for applications, manufacturers in the food and beverage industry can rely on the corrosion-resistant and lubrication-free Poly-Round Housed Units to extend bearing life, improve production uptime and – most importantly – increase food safety.

Interchangeable with most industry-standard bearings, there are a wide variety of polymer bearing materials and housing styles available to fit your specifications.


Proper bearing selection can be complicated for many applications, and nowhere are the stakes higher than in food & beverage plants, where even one leakage or contamination event can be significant. 

At IBT, we advise that you audit your bearing roster every few years for improvements to make your facility safer and more efficient. This rarely requires an overhaul of critical equipment, and you might discover that a bit of spending can go a long way.

Talk to an IBT Bearing Expert today and discover the best bearing solution for your Food & Beverage Operations.

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