How to Prevent Misalignment with Proper Bearing Installation Practices for Mounted Bearings

How to Prevent Misalignment with Proper Bearing Installation Practices for Mounted Bearings

Preventing Misalignment During Bearing Installation

Identifying and correcting machinery problems, such as premature bearing failure, is crucial when it comes to protecting the value of your equipment and avoiding further damage and expense. In many cases, misalignment can be caused by improper installation or loose fits. In this article, you’ll learn how to identify misalignment and avoid premature bearing failure, get the best practices for mounted bearing installation, and discover how to measure for misalignment.


Misalignment & Premature Bearing Failure

One of the most common causes contributing to bearing failure is due to improper mounting techniques, especially when it comes to misalignment. With improper alignment, you run the risk of premature bearing failure, which can cost your operation more in the long run, especially if you have to continue to replace mounted bearings before the end of their life expectancy and create unexpected downtime for your operation. Proper Bearing Installation Techniques


If you are experiencing premature bearing failure, you can determine if it’s due to misalignment by inspecting the wear path. If the wear path isn’t parallel to the raceway edges, the bearing is most likely misaligned.



Bearing Installation Considerations for Mounted Bearings

With each bearing installation, a certain degree of bearing misalignment is an expected part of the process; however, the key to proper bearing installation is ensuring that the misalignment falls within the manufacturer’s recommended range. In doing so, this will help you get the most out of your bearing’s service life. It’s important to note that over 25% of bearing failures are due to mounting failures.

Keeping this in mind, there are two types of misalignment: static and dynamic. Below, discover the difference between static and dynamic misalignment, as well as how to measure misalignment during bearing installation, according to Regal Rexnord, one of IBT’s premier bearing suppliers:


Static Misalignment

Static misalignments can occur when the mounting platforms aren’t on the same plane, when a mounting platform isn’t level, when the bearings are offset horizontally, or when the bearings aren’t parallel to each other.

Bearing Failure - Static Misalignment


Dynamic Misalignment

Dynamic misalignment happens during operation and can result from a bent shaft or a heavy load affecting the system.

Bearing Failure - Dynamic Misalignment


How to Measure Misalignment During Bearing Installation

During bearing installation, alignment should be checked and corrected as needed to ensure the bearing is operating within its limits. To measure a bearing’s alignment, measure from the threaded cover to the face of the collar at 4 points, separated by 90 degrees, to ensure the values are within the manufacturer’s specified limits. If you find that the measurements do not fall within the given value, adjustments will need to be made to the mounting surfaces and/or the bearing itself.

Measuring Misalignment During Bearing Installation


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