Grain Safety Equipment

We know that keeping your workers safe is one of your top priorities, so IBT offers a complete line of grain safety equipment. We have everything you need to create a safe working environment while addressing the unique hazards of the grain industry, including top brands like 3M, Thern, and Honeywell.

How IBT Can Help Improve Employee Safety in a Dust-Heavy Environment

The top ways to create an employee-safe workplace in a dusty environment are to minimize and prepare for dust explosions, protect workers with high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE), eliminate fall hazards, and invest in employee safety training. IBT supplies the equipment and training you need to ensure a safe working environment in your grain facility. 

Prevent Combustible Dust Explosions

Moving and conveying grain always creates fine dust in the air. Any fine dust can be explosively combustible, and this poses a major threat to the grain industry. 

Grain dust explosions usually occur at transfer points, such as bucket elevators or enclosed conveyors, when fine, dry dust is suspended in air and ignited. Continuous housekeeping and sanitation should be top priorities at all grain elevators and flour and feed mills. 

We recommend using the following safety precautions and equipment for grain and flour facilities:

  • Dust Dispersion & Collection: Use confined space ventilation equipment, dust collection systems (also known as industrial vacuums), or industrial dust control fans in all closed locations to ensure that dust is either collected or vented outside to prevent particle buildup. 
  • Eliminate Ignition Sources: Dust explosions require a buildup of dust in an enclosed area, oxygen, and an ignition source. Eliminating ignition sources prevents dust explosions. Use intrinsically safe lights and flashlights, and ensure other equipment is rated for use in a dust environment. 
  • Gas & Particulate Detection: Dust monitoring equipment will keep you informed about the particulate levels in the air and when those dust concentrations reach dangerous levels. These detectors are just as important as having a smoke detector in your home. 
  • Explosion Venting Systems: As the last line in your dust explosion defense, these systems are designed to relieve pressure safely during a dust explosion. They act as a release valve that lets pressure out, protecting your workers. 

Request a quote from IBT Industrial Solutions to receive a customized industrial safety equipment list of recommendations for your facilities. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Employee safety is our number one priority. We offer a full line of personal protective equipment for everyday safety. We want to fully equip you with the right gear for the job, including hard hats, gloves, eye protection, and respiratory protection to protect against harmful airborne contaminants.

Guard Against & Eliminate Fall Hazards

Following OSHA standards and regulations on handrails, signage, and other safety features is important in a vertically integrated facility. However, an important safety precaution that may be accidentally overlooked is providing additional fall protection equipment to employees. 

To ensure worker safety, we offer a full line of tripods, safety harnesses, and davit arm entry systems for safe grain bin entry. These systems protect against the fatal hazard of grain entrapment and engulfment. 

Fall safety equipment we sell:

  • Descent Equipment
  • Workbaskets
  • Platforms
  • Chairs
  • Air-Powered
  • Electric-Powered
  • Mechanical Arm

Call us at 913-671-2985, and we will recommend the right fall safety equipment to meet your specifications.

IBT’s Consulting & Safety Training Services

IBT Industrial Solutions takes safety seriously. We offer both online safety training and in-person safety training to help keep your employees informed and safe. 

Our safety specialists can conduct on-site safety assessments and develop custom safety training programs tailored to your specific facilities and equipment. Stay compliant with OSHA regulations with training programs on confined space entry, hazard communication, and lockout/tagout procedures.

We offer safety training on the following: 

  • Air Monitoring
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Conducting Effective Safety Meetings
  • Confined Space Entry/Rescue
  • General Workplace Safety
  • HazCom – Hazard Communication
  • Heat Stress
  • Lock Out/Tag Out
  • OSHA Record Keeping

Contact our training experts today to schedule a training course!

Have other grain safety needs? Give us a call for a wide range of additional product offerings including items, such as: Ladders, Power Winches, Rail Car Pullers, Gas Detection, Safety Air Guns, etc.



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