StrongArm Manipulator Does All of Your Heavy Lifting

StrongArm Manipulator Does All of Your Heavy Lifting

Are you using human muscle power to switch out propane tanks?  Think again.  When full, a 7-gallon tank weighs at least 50 lbs.—and requires a lift of 48-58 inches to reach a forklift truck cradle.


Worse, the move is physically awkward, and runs a risk of back injury and strains—especially when the same employee is maneuvering full tanks into position, over and over.  It can also damage the equipment.

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It’s become such a common problem that OSHA has performed formal studies of ergonomic injuries that have resulted from switching out propane tanks on forklifts using just human muscle power, especially because these tanks frequently need to be changed daily.

Strongarm Industries has an industrial manipulator that is custom-designed to handle propane tanks.  They are perfectly fitted to remove the empty tanks from forklifts and reinstall them with full tanks.

As a result, the StrongArm manipulator provides greater safety, increased reliability, and enhanced flexibility.  They can be mounted overhead, on the floor, or on a mobile base.

“The main reason to use an industrial manipulator to hoist tanks is ergonomics,” said Mike Smith, Vice President of Sales at Strongarm Industries.  “When a person repetitively lifts or holds a heavy object, they’re at risk of injury.”

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The Strongarm lifter attachment has a 90-degree powered up-ender, so the tanks can be standing upright or in a rack on their side.  It’s also equipped with ergonomically designed adjustable handles.

Since 1985, Strongarm Industries has produced a number of other industrial manipulators, including a standard line—plus a variety of custom manipulators.

“These manipulators can be used to enhance production, by speeding up or streamlining your operations,” Smith said.

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The StrongArm ,anipulators have a capacity of 30 lbs. to 1,500 lbs., and can be used for:

  • Production lines
  • Maintenance areas
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Picking
  • Palletizing

“Simply put, manipulators are safer,” Smith said.  “They prevent repetitive stress injuries.”

About Strongarm Industries

Strongarm Industries, Inc. is the technology leader in design and development of industrial manipulators.  They specialize in pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric manipulators.

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