9 Reasons to Try IBT’s Industrial Training

9 Reasons to Try IBT’s Industrial Training

industrial-trainingDid you know that IBT Industrial Solutions offers in-depth, comprehensive training—12 months a year?  Here are 9 reasons why you should try IBT’s Industrial Training program for your team.

Reason #1—It reduces downtime when failures occur.

When participants practice fixing equipment failures in a relaxed, low-stress environment—receiving direct feedback from an experienced instructor—they build the confidence they need to fix equipment and bearing failures quickly and calmly, which reduces downtime during an outage.

Reason #2—It improves safety in your plant, minimizing the risk of injury.

Not only do we offer specific classes for safety education that meet OSHA and NFPA standards, we incorporate safety practices into every single class—including basic maintenance programs. IBT also offers dedicated classes for fall protection, forklift safety, electrical safety, arc flash, general plant safety and more.

Reason #3— IBT’s Industrial Training is not specific to any product or manufacturer.

“All of our training is 100% generic,” said Gary Hense, Director of Training for IBT.  “It’s not specific to any vendor, supplier, or manufacturer.  So unlike other supplier’s training, there’s no sales pitch from our team.  It’s just purely educational.”

Reason #4—Your team gets hands-on practice of important skills.

“Every participant gets hands-on practice, balanced with the right amount of classroom education,” Hense said.  “This saves time and money when they go back to the workplace, because mistakes are avoided on the job.”

Reason #5—It can be held at your location—on your actual equipment.

“We customize all of our in-plant training to your specific needs and equipment,” Hense said.  “Your team gets the opportunity to practice doing maintenance and repairs at your actual plant, making it a much better investment.”  To do this, our team does an assessment of the plant operations and equipment in advance, then tailors the curriculum (and chooses the instructor) to match the environment.

Reason #6—Almost 50 years of industrial training experience.

IBT started offering training in the 1970s, with its state-of-the-art “IBT Customer School” that focused on power transmissions and bearings.  Today, the company has built a deep culture of training, providing extensive education to over 400+ customersand to many of its 450 employeesevery year.

“Training has always been a part of the IBT story,” Hense said.  “We pride ourselves on being the best-trained provider in the industry, and we’ve traditionally invested heavily in training and curriculum—no matter what the state of the national economy.”

Reason #7—We offer training on a variety of industrial topics.

IBT offers both classroom and in-plant training on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Electrical 101 Academy
  • Advanced Electrical 102 Academy
  • Hydraulic 101 Academy
  • PLC Programming Academy
  • Bearing/Power Transmission Academy
  • Safety

Reason #8—DVDs are available.

For employees that can’t get away from the plant, IBT also has a comprehensive library of industrial training DVDs—covering such topics as power transmission maintenance, installation, and safety.

Reason #9—It’s easy to register.

To register for one of IBT’s Industrial Training classes coming up, call Gary Hense, Director of Training, at (913) 428-2817 or ghense@ibtinc.com.



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