Auto-Calibrated Gas Monitor

Auto-Calibrated Gas Monitor

The BioSystems PHD6TM is a multi-gas monitor from Sperian Protection that is capable of detecting up to six gases, plus it offers Photo Ionization Device (PID) capability. It is one of the few gas monitors on the market that can do standard confined space gases and other select gases, all in one instrument. Perhaps the most attractive feature is all-inclusive automated calibration.

This is especially advantageous to food industry with refrigeration needs. Users in these industries can run standard confined space and ammonia detection all through the same instrument either simultaneously or independently. They can do this and only have to calibrate one instrument – which anyone can do because calibration is fully automated!

The PHD6 offers:

  • Five sensor ports and eighteen sensor choices
  • Real time readings for up to six gases
  • Status bar with easily recognized symbols
  • Electrochemical sensor options
  • Interchangeable battery packs
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use menu structure
  • IR sensor options
  • Loud and distinctive audible alarm
  • PID sensor option
  • Durable exterior
  • Single button operation for all field level functions
  • Up to 24-hour run time from Alkaline or Li-Ion battery packs
  • Visible alarms
  • Built-in IrDA port for easy downloads
  • IQ6 Docking Station compatibility

Sperian built the PHD6 to be reliable and sophisticated with high ease of use. Day-to-day detector operations are controlled entirely through the mode button. A status bar on the display has easy-to-recognize icons which gives the user immediate access to everything from time to calibration status. Built-in and easy-to-navigate menus give advanced users the ability to configure the detector in the field.

The PHD6 is constructed of an engineered polycarbonate frame with rubber overmold, making it both tough and easy to handle. Power comes from interchangeable alkaline or Li-Ion rechargeable battery packs, which last as long as 24 hours. A manual sample draw kit is included and an optional motorized sample draw pump is also available.

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