New NTN Automatic Lubricators Avoid Costly Mistakes

New NTN Automatic Lubricators Avoid Costly Mistakes

NTN Automatic Lubricators help your bearings run longer, and are safer and easier to maintain—which frees up your maintenance staff to focus on other areas of plant operations.  At the same time, your bearings get exactly the right amount of lubrication, exactly when they need it.

By automatically delivering grease or oil to your hard-to-reach lubrication points at precisely timed intervals, it also prevents the risk of potential injuries that come from working in and around:

  • Heights
  • Confined spaces
  • Burn risks
  • Pinch points
  • Rotating equipment

Why Use NTN Automatic Lubricators?

“Preventive maintenance today can get pretty detailed, and it’s easy to make mistakes,” said Erik Gutierrez, a Market Manager at NTN Bearing Corporation of America.  “Many people just squirt grease into the bearing until they see it fill up around the seals.  But that’s a bad idea, as improper lubrication techniques can negatively impact the performance of the bearing in the long run.”

With an automatic lubricator, you can be sure the bearing receives the correct grease at the right time.  Better yet, it only needs a quick visual inspection 2-3 times per year, rather than a complete refill once a month, where you may have to shut down machinery to access it.

Maintenance Staff Loves It

This is a relief for maintenance techs, who often have to lubricate points in dangerous locations—such as above hot or rotating equipment, or in confined spaces.

“It certainly does not replace the maintenance staff, but it frees them up to focus on other, more important areas of plant maintenance,” Gutierrez said.  “It also reduces the risk of injury from climbing up a tall ladder or working in a confined space.”

Using an automatic lubrication system also reduces the risk of contamination from dirt or dust during lubrication, as well as the risk of missing a scheduled lubrication event entirely during a busy period, he added.

3 Types of NTN Automatic Lubricators

NTN produces 3 types of single-point automatic lubricators.  They can be used with a wide range of lubricants—including many types of food-grade grease or oil.  Their 3 automatic lubricators include:

  • READY—highly economic, gas-powered single-point lubricator; suitable for a wide range of applications and industries
  • SMART—advanced, electrochemical-powered single-point lubricator; can adjust for wide temperature swings
  • DRIVE—motorized electromechanical-powered unit; it allows for precise dispense intervals, and also remote mounting

About NTN

NTN Bearing Corporation manufactures a comprehensive range of bearings, constant velocity joints, and other precision industrial and automotive equipment.  They are one of the world’s largest bearing manufacturers, with 68 plants worldwide and almost 100 years in business.

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