Why Do You Need MCR Safety High Visibility Gloves?

Why Do You Need MCR Safety High Visibility Gloves?

For the first time, high visibility orange safety gloves using true DuPont Kevlar are now available on the market.

“These gloves are ideal for situations where you work with a lot of moving machinery, or in high cut-level areas, such as with sheet metal or parts coming directly off the assembly line,” said Ben Hurt, Regional Sales Manager for MCR Safety.

Made exclusively by DuPont, the new MCR Safety high visibility gloves, composed of orange Kevlar fabric, prevent injuries by combining Level 4 cut protection, as well as superior visibility in a factory or outdoor setting.  They also have a nitrile foam coating that enhances grip in oily environments, and are touch-screen friendly.

MCR Safety began selling the gloves in March 2015.  “DuPont has never made a hi-vis orange Kevlar fabric before,” Hurt said.  “This is totally new.”

Hurt added that your team will benefit from the new gloves if they:

  • Work in high cut-level areas
  • Work around moving machinery
  • Handle sheet metal
  • Handle rough parts coming off the assembly line
  • Work in oily settings—such as in the oil and gas industry

“Everyone wants their hands to be more highly visible in these environments,” Hurt said.  “When other people can see your hands better, and you have that added cut protection, it really helps reduce injuries.”

For additional cut protection between the glove and elbow, Hurt recommends adding a sleeve.

“The safety sleeve adds another dimension of protection if you’re carrying parts across your arms, or routinely stretching across moving equipment,” Hurt commented.

About MCR Safety

MCR Safety has more than 40 years of experience as a leader in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE).  The company was born out of the union of Memphis Glove, Crews Incorporated, and River City Protective Wear.  MCR Safety offers a wide selection of safety gloves, glasses, and garments.

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