Drive Change Training from IBT Industrial Solutions

Drive Change Training from IBT Industrial Solutions

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Take advantage of IBT’s new Drive Change training – a comprehensive program designed to maximize the performance and efficiency of belt systems throughout your facility.

Drive Change training, developed by Goodyear Engineered Products, combines first-class drive diagnostic tools and comprehensive training to ensure you maximize energy dollars up to a 98% power transfer with new or existing drives.

Goodyear Engineered Products & IBT

This exclusive, value-added curriculum focuses on proper installation and maintenance of end-user drives. It also includes training on belt types, their application, and drive efficiency principles.

In-plant Drive Change training covers V-belt selection and installation techniques, sheave wear and alignment, as well as proper belt tensioning. All combined, this program is designed to educate employees how to achieve longer belt life and lower maintenance costs while practicing energy management to reduce overall energy consumption.

In addition to Drive Change training, IBT factory trained representatives will conduct on-the-spot Drive Analysis. Using Goodyear Engineered Products’ Maximizer Drive software, IBT will analyze problem drives and offer sound solutions to eliminate those problems for good.

Extend your energy dollars and contact your IBT store location for details to schedule Drive Change training today!


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