Drives USA Chain Wins National Award

Drives USA Chain Wins National Award

“We accelerate growth.” Drives USA Chain

Recipient of the 2008 North American Mechanical Power Transmission,
Chain Drives Customer Value Enhancement Award by FROST & SULLIVAN

IBT supplier Drives USA Chain has won the 2008 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Enhancement for Mechanical Power Transmission, Chain Drives. They won in recognition of their efforts in developing a higher degree of manufacturing and engineering expertise in order to better serve customers. Because of extensive capital investment and comprehensive talent exploration, Drives has increased its capabilities and expanded its production.

A majority of participants within the mechanical chain drives market continue to restructure and emerge as distributors and re-packagers of chain produced off shore. These companies seem to believe that there is no value in producing mechanical chain products in house, and that they are unable to compete with the low priced chain infiltrating the North American markets.

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Drives USA Chain has taken a unique approach. Over the last ten years, Drives has continued in its quest towards a technologically advanced manufacturing facility. These capital investments have allowed Drives to practice six sigma type methodologies and offer superior quality compliant chains, as well as improve its standing in customer satisfaction, while increasing its market share and penetration into previously unexplored market verticals.

By introducing newer manufacturing concepts, such as computer numerical controls (CNC), to its production apparatus, Drives is able to improve its manufacturing cycle efficiency, process productivity, and process quality yield; thereby attracting new customers. In addition, Drives’ growing and talented engineering staff allows it to both increase its customer service capabilities and offer advance technical services to end users who are challenged with properly trouble shooting difficult issues within their industries. The combination of these two tactics is propelling Drives into new market verticals and helps them discover other niche opportunities within the existing market verticals.

As an example, when Link Belt® was acquired by a competitor, Drives was able to capitalize on this move by purchasing the competitor’s chain manufacturing equipment in 2001 at an auction price. After an extensive retrofit of the equipment, Drives USA Chain was able to fill the void created by the consolidation in the industry, especially in the oil and gas industry. This has made Drives USA Chain presence felt within the highest ranks of its competition.

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In 2007 Drives was again able to maintain a double digit growth rate in an industry that had a growth rate that has kept pace with inflation, further indicating its market expansion. Maintaining a technological manufacturing edge within a market that is as mature as the mechanical chain drives market is a costly, time consuming, and potentially risky proposition.

There are a multitude of hazards that can make or break a company, such as the capital expenditure necessary for current generation manufacturing equipment. Drives, Inc. has taken on these risks in order to offer its customers the highest quality chain that can be produced for every possible demanding application its customers may have.

Leadership with Market Innovators

Having the right manufacturing equipment is only part of the equation. The need for talented engineers who can not only develop new chain systems with various capabilities, but also maintain and support current product lines, is critical. Drives has assembled an impressive engineering staff to augment its manufacturing upgrades.

Having a combined knowledge base and experience of over 100 years in the mechanical power transmission market, Drives, Inc. engineering staff provides the insights and product development for all vertical markets in need of chain. This allows Drives to provide further services to not only niche market participants, but also offer customers the opportunity of application based engineered products and services. This, combined with advanced manufacturing capabilities, allows Drives to offer its clients a broad base of services unsurpassed in today’s commoditized chain market.

Application-Based Selling

With the majority of Industrial Chain manufacturers moving towards the self fulfilling prophecy of commoditization of the market, Drives has repeatedly demonstrated profitability and end-user acceptance in providing application based solutions. From lumber and paper products to food processing, packaging, and even mining; Drives has incorporated its years of knowledge and technological advancements into a customer centric industrial chain provider. The application based selling program at Drives provides customers with the answers to their toughest questions with a quality they have come to expect. Drives has been able to solve customers’ problems that have saved its customers from loss in production, down time, and maintenance costs.

Image courtesy of Drives USA ChainDrives USA Chain demonstrates a level of ingenuity unsurpassed in the Mechanical Power Transmission Market. As its competitors scramble to reduce overhead costs in order to sell their chains at a lower price, Drives USA Chain astounds its customers with a high quality product and dependable engineering services that are geared towards helping its customers.

Frost & Sullivan is proud to present Drives USA Chain with the 2008 Customer Value Enhancement of the Year Award in the Mechanical Power Transmission, belt and chain drives domain. Drives USA Chain emulates Customer Value Enhancement by offering its customers much more value than a commodity provider could ever provide.

Each year this award is presented to the company that has demonstrated more innovative, value creation, and enhancement strategies than competing vendors.

As the winner, Drives has excelled at:

  • Leading proactive initiatives to improve value to customers
  • Including new features and benefits for existing products to enhances customer value
  • Implementing of a new or unique pricing strategy
  • Implementing a new or unique product bundling strategy
  • Launching a new product to offer a “one-stop shop” in response to customer demands
  • Launching a new service protocol to improve overall customer ownership experience


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