New Extreme Makeover: Store Room Edition

New Extreme Makeover: Store Room Edition

ABC’s popular “Extreme Makeover” TV series often details the journey from hopelessness to a beyond-your-wildest-dreams conclusion. IBT’s Integrated Services Group (ISG) has a similar process pointed at store room makeovers and have seen many supply chain success stories during the past few years.

In a store room makeover, the story normally begins with a company’s frustration at not being able to find the assets they know they have, out of control spending, dirty parts storage, lack of ability to track spend by department or GL code, and no accountability. The project may be a small one, with only a few hundred SKU’s (stock keeping units), or it may be as large as 25,000+ SKU’s. Size affects the total space required, but the process itself remains the same.

IBT has a team much like the Extreme Makeover TV team, except our team comes into your plant to review your current inventory condition and discuss your desired goals. If a client does not have a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) in-house, IBT will help find an appropriate system that performs the services they need.

The next step in the process is creating and ensuring accurate data in the desired format so it can be uploaded into the CMMS at the conclusion of the project. After days, weeks or months of intense work, the net result is an inventory system that accurately details inventory quantities and locations, reduces inventory levels through identification of redundant and obsolete inventory, showcases clean and bar coded bin locations, offers the ability to track and manage inventory spend, and develop kits in advance for Preventive Maintenance (PM) practices.

Yes, this is a fee-based service, and yes, it is a worthwhile investment because you will see the financial rewards for years to come. If you need to get control of the ever-growing inventory monster in your store room, please contact the IBT Integrated Services Group. Phil Pope, General Manager Integrated Services Group & National Accounts, can help you schedule your very own Extreme Makeover: Store Room Edition or discuss the benefits you could expect from this process. Contact Phil at 1-800-444-8202 or by email.


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